An Open Letter to Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma You have carved your name in the history books with audacious sixes and elegant strokeplay and now in T20 World Cup, It was an open letter from your biggest fan

Dear Rohit Sharma,

We, the millions of people who bleed blue, witnessed something special yesterday. Not just another victory on the path to the T20 World Cup finals, but a raw display of emotion that mirrored the rollercoaster ride we the fans have been on. Seeing you, the Hitman, the man of ice-cool elegance at the crease, overcome with tears, struck a chord deep within us.

Rohit Sharma (1)


There’s no denying your talent, Rohit Sharma. You’ve carved your name in the history books with audacious sixes and elegant strokeplay. We’ve cheered for you through centuries of record-breaking partnerships. But yesterday, it wasn’t just about the runs you scored, it was the unadulterated desire etched on your face, a desire we could all relate to – the yearning to hold that coveted T20 World Cup trophy.

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Rohit Sharma’s journey has not been easy. There have been heart-stopping defeats, moments where questions were thrown, and doubts turned. Yet, you stood tall, leading from the front. You shouldered the burden of expectations, and the hopes of 140 crore fans, with quiet determination.

That tear, Rohit Sharma, spoke volumes. It spoke of the countless hours spent honing your craft, the sacrifices made, and the relentless pursuit of a dream. It spoke of the unwavering belief you have in yourself and your team, a belief that resonates with every single cricket fan in this nation.


We, the fans, may not experience the pressure you do on the field, but we understand it. We understand the sleepless nights spent strategizing, the weight of a nation’s expectations on your shoulders. Your tear was a window into that world, a world where passion meets pressure, and victory tastes sweeter because of the struggles endured.

Rohit Sharma


Your emotions, Rohit Sharma, are a testament to the burning desire that resides within this team. It’s a fire that ignites a similar passion within us the fans. We see ourselves in your dedication and your hunger for glory. Your tears were not just yours. it was a reflection of the collective yearning of a nation to be World Champions once again.

The journey isn’t over yet. There’s one final hurdle to overcome, one final battle to be won. But as we head into the finals we do so with a renewed sense of belief. We believe in you, Rohit Sharma, the leader who sheds tears of passion. We believe in this team a team that plays with heart and fights till the very last ball.

The T20 World Cup trophy may seem tantalizingly close, but win or lose, one thing is certain – you have already won the hearts of millions. You have shown us that beneath the steely exterior lies a burning desire, a desire that inspires a nation.

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So, Rohit, as you lead your men into the finals, carry with you the emotions you displayed yesterday. Let that tear be a reminder of the dream we all share. Let it fuel your determination, and know that a billion hearts are beating with yours.

Rohit Sharma “India Jeetega”

With unwavering support,

A Fan Who Feels Your Every Emotion