The Top Five Manufacturers of Cricket Kit in Australia

In this article, we will explore the top five cricket kit manufacturers of Australia who have been ruling the world of cricket equipment.

The Australian cricket team, often referred to as “The Baggy Greens” and “The Invincibles”, has established itself as one of the most fierce cricket teams on the international stage over the years. Australian cricket has introduced some of the most prominent and legendary cricketers to the world, including Steve Waugh, Glenn Maxwell, Ricky Ponting, Donald Bradman, Shane Warne and many more. With a team of formidable bowlers and boisterous batsmen, the Australian cricket team maintains a phenomenal record for clinching the ICC World Cup six times, in the years: 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2015 and most recently in 2023, against India. Furthermore, the Aussies have also been actively dominant in the test format and have clinched the ICC Champions Trophy twice in the years 2006 and 2009. While the cricketers representing the baggy greens over decades have relentlessly contributed to elevating Australia’s cricketing stature at an international stage, the cricket manufacturing brands of Australia have also poured in their significant contributions over the years. 

Kookaburra Sport 

Based in Melbourne, the Kookaburra sports equipment company was originally established by a migrant saddle maker from the United Kingdom, Alfred Grace Thompson, back in 1890, who decided to name the company after an Australian bird, the Kookaburra. Apart from cricket, the Kookaburra Sports Company also manufactures players’ kits for highly competitive sports like football and field hockey. After serving cricket requirements for decades, the brand currently produces cricket clothing and other equipment, including bats, balls, leg pads, hand gloves, stumps and other protective gear. The Kookaburra Sport is prominently recognized on a global scale for their hand-stitched white ball used in ODI matches and the red ball used in Test format. Apart from being a crucial mainstay for Australia’s cricket requirements, Kookaburra Sport has also been regarded as a major exporter of cricket equipment to countries like New Zealand, Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka. Furthermore, legendary cricketers including Brett Lee, Marnus Labuschagne, Glenn Maxwell and Tim Paine have endorsed the brand on an international stage in various cricket tournaments, highlighting the brand’s credibility and prominence.


Gray Nicolls 

Originally a subsidiary of Grays International, established after the merger of two giant brands, Gray and Nicolls, the brand came into existence in 1855. Headquartered in Robertsbridge, East Sussex, England, Gray Nicolls is one of the most prominent brands of cricket clothing and equipment. Widely renowned for its top-notch and high-performance cricket bats, the brand keeps innovating and traversing through unexplored aspects of improvement to scale the brand to new heights. After years of research and on-field experience, Gray Nicolls has introduced a wide range of new cricket bats including, Shockwave, Tempesta, Astro, Nova, Powerspot, Gem and Cobra. From cutting-edge technology to power-hitting prowess, each bat provides a unique and diverse experience for the batsman at the crease. Back in time, Gray Nicolls also manufactured the ‘scoop’ bat, which is widely regarded as cricket’s most valuable and famous to have ever been manufactured. As a part of their brand endorsement deals, Gray Nicolls has on-boarded many legendary cricketers from Australia and overseas, including Aaron Finch, Ben Cutting, Babar Azam, Sam Billings, Ben Stokes and many others.

New Balance 

New Balance is widely considered to be a game changer in the cricket sports equipment industry and is regarded to be a brand where innovation is merged with creativity and style statement. The top-notch cricket equipment, including cricket bats, balls, hand gloves and other protective gear garnered unprecedented popularity among professional cricketers as well as cricket aficionados who religiously play cricket themselves at a local level. New Balance’s approach to building high-quality cricket equipment and chipping in a modern style statement has settled down well with youngsters in Australia and around the world, improving their numbers considerably. Although cricketers from around the world have used the brand’s cricket kit, New Balance majorly focuses on Australian cricket players to onboard them as their leading brand ambassadors. Till now, numerous prominent cricketers, including the Australian skipper, Steve Smith, have endorsed New Balance on the international stage, elevating the brand’s stature in the highly competitive cricket equipment industry.  

Spartan Sports 

With its premium quality cricketing equipment, Spartan Sports is one of the most prominent Australian cricket equipment brands. Established by Kunal Sharma, a former Australian cricketer in 2006, Spartan Sports is renowned for using cutting-edge technology and the finest manufacturing material to build their cricket equipment that endures optimal performance on the field. With legendary cricketers like Chris Gayle endorsing Spartan Sports on the international stage, the brand has earned an undeniable stature in the highly competitive cricket equipment industry. Spartan Sports manufactures cricket bats, balls, backpacks and a wide range of training equipment.


Although established in 2012, Grove is a fresh brand compared to the decades-old giants of the cricket equipment industry. The brand has fostered an undeniable prominence as a leading Australian sports brand. From hand-crafted classic English willows to hand-stitched balls, Grove offers a wide range of premium cricketing equipment for both the cricketers and fans. Grove operates in both modes, online and offline, to cater to its wide array of customers worldwide. Additionally, with the use of unconventional and modern technologies, Grove claims to manufacture the most lightweight bats in the industry. Furthermore, apart from the premium quality bats, Grove also manufactures high-quality thigh pads, arm guards and other protective gear for the cricketers.