Top Five Greatest Innings of Steve Smith in His Career

In this article we will take a look at the top five innings of Steve Smith in his career that showcase his batting prowess.

Steve Smith’s unmatched batting ability and unconventional but efficient style of play have left an enduring impression on cricket history. Smith, who is renowned for his extraordinary tenacity and consistency, has revolutionized modern batting by enthralling spectators with his distinct shot choice and aptitude in challenging circumstances. Smith’s guidance, particularly in his role as captain of Australia, has led the squad to noteworthy triumphs. Beyond mere cricket statistics, Smith leaves a lasting impact that influences the storyline of the game. Smith Smith is celebrated as a real maestro of the game and is looked upon as an inspiration to cricket aficionados around the world and aspiring young players. 

2016 First Test Match: Australia vs New Zealand

Steve Smith demonstrated his command on the pitch with a magnificent performance on December 4, 2016, during the exciting opening match of the Australia vs. New Zealand series. Smith put on a dominant performance, amassing an astounding 164 runs while displaying exceptional calmness and technique. Against 157 deliveries, Smith adorned his innings with four majestic sixes and fourteen well-placed fours, demonstrating his ability to dominate the bowlers from New Zealand. Maintaining a respectable strike rate of 104.46, which highlighted his ability to find a balance between steady accumulation and aggressive stroke play, gave his innings a special touch. Steve Smith’s performance in that game was evidence of his battling prowess and ability to effectively lead the Australian innings.


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2017 Third Test Match: Australia vs India 

Steve Smith put up an outstanding batting performance in the 2017 Test match in Ranchi against India, scoring 178 runs in a lengthy innings. Smith’s effort was a demonstration of his extraordinary focus and fierce batting style, especially considering the difficulty India’s potent bowling attack presented throughout his innings. Australia’s competitiveness throughout the difficult series was greatly enhanced by Smith’s ability to maneuver and dominate against such elite opponents. In addition to showcasing his talent, Smith’s tenacious performance served as a pillar for Australia’s efforts to defeat India and added a great deal to the story of a tough and hotly contested Test series. This was one of the best innings of Steve Smith.

2017 Test Match: Australia vs England 

Steve Smith made a lasting impression in the 2017 Test match at WACA against England with a brilliant performance of 239 runs. With a range of beautiful pitches, Smith demonstrated batting artistry never witnessed before. Smith’s dominance over England’s bowlers was crucial to Australia’s convincing win and cemented his reputation as a master of Test batting. Smith’s dominance over the game demonstrated his skill as a cricketer, and the innings turned out to be a turning point in his remarkable career. In addition to assisting Australia in earning a massive victory, this outstanding display cemented Smith’s status as a batting maestro in the difficult and esteemed world of Test cricket.

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2020 First Test Match: Australia vs India 

Steve Smith wowed the crowd with an impressive batting display on November 27, 2020, during the first game of the Australia vs. India series 2020–2021. Smith displayed remarkable skill and versatility by scoring an explosive 105 runs. With four strong sixes against sixty-six deliveries, Smith destroyed bowlers and demonstrated his command of the crease. This inning was notable for its remarkable strike rate of 159.09, which was evidence of Smith’s aggressive form and perfect timing. With a performance that left an indelible impression on the fans, Smith demonstrated his batting skills and solidified his position as one of the most influential and diverse batters in modern cricket.

2022 Third Test Match: Australia vs New Zealand

In the third match of the Australia vs. New Zealand series on September 11, 2022, Steve Smith demonstrated his tenacity and genius with an innings that would never be forgotten. With a vital 105 runs, Smith cemented his place as a key member of the Australian cricket team. Smith faced 131 deliveries, yet he still managed to hit eleven fours and a well-timed six, displaying his usual accuracy and smart shot choice. Even though Smith’s strikeout rate of 80.15 might appear modest, it served as evidence of his capacity to lead innings and lay the groundwork for his club. Steve Smith’s performance in that game demonstrated his ability to adjust to the circumstances and significantly contribute to Australia’s victory.