Five Savage Replies Of Rohit Sharma In Press Conferences

Indian captain Rohit Sharma is known for his nonsense replies in press conferences and interviews and that is what makes Rohit unique in different way.

Indian captain Rohit Sharma is known for his nonsense replies to reporters in press conferences and interviews and that’s what makes him unique as the Indian opener never shies away from speaking about what he feels regarding the game or about the performance of a particular player and is always committed to do what is right for the team.

In this article, we will look at five instances when Rohit Sharma gave savage replies in press conferences.

Five Savage Replies Of Rohit Sharma In Press Conferences


Bangladesh Tour Of India (2019)

It was during Bangladesh’s tour of India in 2019 that the fans got to see the epic monologue of Rohit Sharma courtesy of the stump mic. During a  T20I match Rohit was caught swearing when Bangladeshi batter Soumya Sarkar was stumped by Rishabh Pant but the third umpire due to a technical glitch loaded Not Out on the big screen which did not go down well with Rohit Sharma who was the stand-in captain for the series.

Captain’s Corner

 When asked about the incident Rohit said “Ultimately the aim is to get the job done, and sometimes we display a lot of emotions. Next time I’ll check where the camera is.”

Rohit’s Savage Reply After India’s Win Over Pakistan In 2019 World Cup

When arch-rivals India took on Pakistan in the 2019 ODI World Cup fans were treated to a masterclass from the bat of Rohit Sharma as the right-hander scored an attacking 140 runs thereby helping India post a match-winning total of 336 runs on the board. After the match, Rohit was asked about what would he recommend to the Pakistani batters as a colleague to which Rohit Sharma said “If I ever become Pakistan’s coach, I will definitely l let you know. What can I say right now.”

Photo Source: NDTV Sports

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Rohit’s Cheeky Take on Rishab Pant’s Inclusion

There were talks of Rishabh Pant being included in the 2019 ODI World Cup but as has been the case with India’s selection for the ICC tournaments Pant missed out on getting a place in the original squad due to the team combination and it was after an injury to Vijay Shankar that left-hander was drafted in the team for the latter stages of the tournament. 

The Reply

When asked about Pant’s inclusion in the squad in the post-match press conference against Bangladesh Rohit in his witty manner replied “You all wanted Rishabh Pant to play right? Right from India – Where is Rishabh Pant, where is Rishabh Pant, There he is at number 4.”

Rohit’s Nononese Take On Virat Kohli’s Form

There was a time after 2019 when Virat Kohli was struggling to get runs. He wasn’t out of form but it was one of those phases where the right-hander did not have luck on his side. Following this, there were talks of dropping him from the T20 team

The Opinion

In one of the press conferences a journalist asked Rohit about his opinion on Kohli’s form “Virat Kohli ke baare me itni baat ho rahi hai? (So much is being talked about Kohli).” to which Rohit being his usual self replied “Kyon ho rahi hai, matlab mujhe samajh me nhi aata hai? Yaar matlab bande ne itne run banaye hai, mujhe to samajh nahi aa raha form pe discussion kyun ho rhi hai. (Why is it happening, I do not understand. Someone who has made so many runs is being questioned over his form. I don’t understand this).”


Photo Source: NDTV Sports

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Rohit’s Bold Reply On Indian Pitches

It was during the India- England Test series in 2021 when a lot of questions were raised about the nature of Indian pitches as they were deemed unfit to play on by the English media because of the amount of turn they offered to the spinners. When Rohit was asked about the regular criticism about the pitch the Indian opener said something which went viral at that time. 

The Reaction

In the words of Rohit Sharma “When we go out, other countries don’t think about us, so why should we think about others? We should make pitches according to the preferences of our team. This is what it means home and away advantage, otherwise, this should be taken out. Tell ICC to make a rule that pitches should be prepared the same everywhere.”