An Open Letter to David Warner

David Warner is a legendary cricketer who recently retired from cricket. An open letter to t20I beast David Warner from one of his biggest fan. Thank you for the memories, Davey!

Dear David Warner,

It is very difficult to accept that you will no longer show yourself in that yellow-green jersey, which even the biggest rogues in the world are afraid of. I will miss your century celebration a lot. I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible journey you’ve taken us on. 

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From the very first time you swaggered onto the pitch, your aggressive batting and electric fielding left me in shock.

You were not just a cricketer, David; you are a pure entertainer of the game. The way you dismantled bowling attacks with that brutal blade and turned singles into boundaries was pure magic.

There were moments of pure brilliance, like that epic triple-century (335 Not Out) against Pakistan or the countless times you took the game away from the opposition single-handedly. You weren’t afraid to take risks, and that’s what made you such a thrilling player to watch.

Of course, your career was not without the challenges. But even through the controversies, your passion for the game always shines through. You came back stronger and more hungry and that fighting spirit is something I will always admire. 

David Warner
David Warner

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Now, as you embark on this new chapter, I can only imagine the immense satisfaction you must feel. You leave behind a legacy that will inspire generations of cricketers to come. You have shown us that with dedication, talent, and a bit of that trademark Warner grit, anything is possible.

Thank you, David Warner, for the countless memories, the exhilarating wins, and the sheer joy you brought to the game.

Cricket lovers around the world will miss your presence on the field. Though you have decided to hang your boots, we fans will continue to support you in whatever you choose to do next. You will find success in every path, because, just like Pushpa, David Warner Jukega Nahi Sa*la.” 

Your Biggest Fan

Sumit Kushwaha