Akash Chopra on Rohit Sharma: ‘he should not have been allowed to bat’

Criticism of Akash Chopra on Rohit Sharma has been coming out since Rohit came out to bat after getting retired out in the first super over.

The third T20I between India vs Afghanistan was a very happening game where two major controversies were raised and one of them was related to Indian captain Rohit Sharma when he came to bat again after getting retired out in the first super over. There is a statement made by Akash Chopra on Rohit Sharma in his YouTube video which we’ll talk about. 

Last night was a memorable night for the cricket. The world has witnessed a double super over in an international game. In the third T20I between India vs Afghanistan, we saw a double super-over thriller where India played slightly better than Afghanistan in the second super-over which resulted in India’s victory but the way Afghanistan played in that game their fans surely would have been pleased. Afghanistan has challenged the Indian team at their home even when the Indians are in good form. While batting first, the Indian captain scored his fifth T20I century and Rinku Singh played another match-winning inning. 

First controversy


Along with a great game, the match contains many controversial moments in it. The controversies follow a good cricket match. The first controversial moment was seen in the first super over when in the last bowl of Mukesh’s over Mohammad Nabi ran and Sanju Samson threw the ball to Mukesh but his throw wasn’t accurate and the ball hit the thighs of Mohammad Nabi which wasn’t intentional from Nabi so he didn’t stop and continued running. Indian players got angry while expressing that this was against the spirit of cricket

Talking about this incident cricketer turned commentator Akash Chopra has shared his thoughts on his YouTube channel. 

“My question regarding the spirit is that if suppose this is a World Cup match, it is the last ball, and the one run you are getting by hitting the ball on your leg can help you win or lose the World Cup trophy, then will no one run away? Over there? Is anyone there ready to say that I am ready to lose the World Cup but I will not run because it is morally wrong? I don’t believe that everyone will run, everyone runs. So actually it was wrong for India to complain about this.”

The second controversy

The second controversy took place in the second super over when Rohit Sharma came to bat again after retiring out in the first super over this decision divided people and experts on media, but according to the Super over Rules a batter who was dismissed in the first super over can’t will be ineligible to bat in the second super over. Akash Chopra’s take on this controversy:

“Because Rohit Sharma is retired out, not retired hurt, retired hurt means you should get extra injury inside the field on which the umpire allows you, that you are retired hurt, not retired out because retired out means your innings is over, So as soon as he went out, I told in the commentary that now he cannot come to bat.

When Rohit Sharma came to bat with Rinku Singh, I thought that was wrong, however, later I also read the statement of the match referee in which he said that ‘he was retired hurt and not retired out. We also asked the opposition captain that he Didn’t even refuse’ but I think that was wrong, Rohit Sharma should not have been allowed to bat, as per the rules.”

Later Rohit Sharma’s 11 runs became the difference in the match and Afghanistan lost the game by 10 runs. Rohit Sharma has scored not out 121 runs in just 69 deliveries with eight sixes. Rohit has scored a T20 century after 2018 which is a gap of almost six years. With this century Rohit Sharma has become the T20 player with the most international centuries. India is now at the top of all formats in terms of centuries.