7 Times M.S. Dhoni Won Our Hearts With His Savage Epic Replies

In this article, we mention 7 times M.S. Dhoni won our hearts with his savage epic replies at the press conference

M.S. Dhoni, the legendary Indian cricketer and Former Indian Captain wins all 3 ICC tournament trophies for India. He was not just known for his lightning-fast stumpings and calm Nature on the field. He was not afraid to use his extremely skilled sense of humour during news Conferences. Here are seven times where Dhoni’s answers made people laugh:

The Retirement Prank: 

After a tough loss, an Australian reporter prodded Dhoni about retirement. Dhoni, with a mischievous grin, invited him to the dais. The reporter, bewildered, sat down. Dhoni then playfully grilled him, asking if he had a brother who could wicket-keep for India! The reporter stammered, “No,” and Dhoni concluded, “Then you answered your question!”


The Helicopter Shot Explained: 

When a reporter asked M.S. Dhoni to explain his signature helicopter shot, Dhoni, known for his cryptic replies, said, “If I explain it, everyone will be able to play it. You don’t want that, do you?” Leaving everyone amused and the secret of the shot intact.

Those Who Don’t Finish Don’t Get It: 

After a close win, a reporter asked Dhoni how he felt about almost losing. Dhoni’s cool reply? “If we had lost, I wouldn’t be here answering this question, would I?”

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M.S. Dhoni Wicketkeeping is Like:

When a reporter asked M.S. Dhoni to compare wicketkeeping to another position, Dhoni, known for his calmness behind the stumps, replied, “Wicketkeeping is like standing in an ICU. One mistake and the patient is out!” A hilarious analogy that highlights the pressure of the role.

The Fitness Benchmark:

A reporter once questioned M.S. Dhoni fitness. Dhoni, ever the wit, asked him, “Do you think I’m unfit? Look at me running!” The reporter caught off guard, mumbled “No,” and Dhoni simply said, “Then that answers your question.”

The Importance of Process over Prediction: 

When asked to predict the outcome of a series, Dhoni, emphasizing the importance of taking it one match at a time, said, “If you can predict the future, you wouldn’t be here asking me questions. You’d be gambling somewhere!”

The MS Dhoni Brand?: 

A reporter inquired about the launch of a brand named “MS Dhoni.” Dhoni, known for his grounded nature, quipped, “There’s only one MS Dhoni, and that’s enough!”