3 reasons of Australia’s Dominance in 48 years of ODI World Cup history

Australia has added the sixth ODI World Cup trophy to its cabinet, let’s see how Australia has managed to win six World Cups

Australians have won their sixth ODI World Cup title by beating India in the finals at Ahmedabad on 19th November. Australia has overpowered India in the field and registered a comfortable 6-wicket win. India was unbeatable in the tournament that they had won all 10 games prior to the Finals and on the other hand, Kangaroos lost its first two games and that was considered their downfall, later they ended up winning the tournament. Australia has the highest number of World Cup titles which is six and no other team has won half of them. In the 21st century, Australia has played four out of six finals and won each of them and in the 20th century, this team has played four finals out of seven and won two of them. Australia has played eight finals in 13 editions and won six of them this shows how good this side is in the particular sport. Australia barely allows other teams to cement their foot in the ICC tournament. No doubt Aussies have been so dominating since the first World Cup but there are many reasons which sets this team apart from the rest. In this section, we’ll talk about three probable reasons that made this team a superpower in the World of cricket over the years. 

Sport culture 


Australia is a country that always performs well in almost every sport whether it’s individual sports or team sports and Cricket is one of the most popular games in Australia. In that country, sports are being promoted in School and at immature levels and almost every school-going kid is constantly playing a particular game along with their study, this helps to discover great talents early and then kids choose their field of career by themselves. Australian culture is very supportive in terms of Sport and due to this players go through a strong domestic structure which makes them too good when they reach the top. Cricket also has to go through a challenging stage of domestic cricket and then only those could reach the International level which has good numbers in the previous level. 

Dominating mentality

Glenn Maxwell's Heroic 201 Not Out Rescues Australia in ICC Men's ODI World Cup Thriller 

Australian players are not only champions because they play good cricket but also because they have that dominating mentality that helps them to overpower the opposition team.  Australians are so good at playing mind games with other team players and sometimes that works as pressuring the other team. The 2003 ODI World Cup final is the best example of this statement, before the game Australians went to the practice ground but didn’t practice they just walked through the Indian players who were practicing and stared at them with cold eyes. That made Indian players underconfident during the game and then Australians easily grabbed the trophy. To dominate teams Australians mainly do sledding so that could either feel scared or get angry and make any mistake. 

Expert in World Cup

Most of the teams play better cricket than Australia but they mostly fail at winning big games even when all the odds are in their favor such as South Africa and New Zealand. It usually happens because of the pressure which comes with big games and Australia is so good at handling that pressure. We’ve seen many teams collapsing in knockout games when they’ve more chance to win and Australia has done it differently they’ve won many tournaments when no one has expected them to win. In 2009 when everyone was expecting Pakistan to win the tournament Australia came out of nowhere and all out Pakistan at 132 which team was the table toppers and chased down the target of 242 with the loss of just one wicket in the semifinal against New Zealand.  

In the 2015 ODI World Cup where New Zealand was at its peak they made 393 in the quarterfinals and chased 298 runs in 43 overs in the semifinals, in the finals against Australia the Kiwis bowled out at just 183 runs and presented them with a 7-wicket win. In the group stage, Australia didn’t manage to win against their neighbors but in the finals, Australia became mighty Australia. 

This year after losing the first two games Australians were under a lot of pressure and facing so much criticism and on the other hand India was unbeatable. Later we’ve seen how Australia comfortably lifts the trophy against mighty India.

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