Who is the Godfather or Baap of IPL And Why?

Get to know about the player who is known as the Godfather of IPL and the records that he has made over time to be called the Baap of IPL.

MS Dhoni is the overall king of the IPL. The player is the most deserving of this honor. In the opinion of most Indian cricket fans, Dhoni is known as the “Godfather” of the IPL. He has been a part of the IPL ever since its beginning, and his caliber is another justification for inclusion.

Why is Dhoni referred to as the IPL’s “Baap”?

The fact that MS Dhoni is referred to as the IPL’s “Baap” is due to a variety of factors. First, from 2008 to 2022, he participated in every single edition. He also held the record for most appearances after the 2022 IPL having participated in 234 games. Dhoni has shown a great deal of devotion to the Chennai Super Kings. For the two years they were suspended, his only other team was CSK. Few would disagree that MSD is the all-around Baap when we consider his excellent leadership and his closing skills as a batter.


The Mumbai Indians seldom came close to winning the title. Except for the 2010 season, they made it to the final, despite forecasts from many online IPL betting services. The most decent team at the time was the Chennai Super Kings, which was captained by the Indian national team’s captain at the time, MS Dhoni.

Who is the IPL’s founding father?

We are currently watching games involving our favorite teams in the IPL 2022, as you are probably aware. There are other players that, in various ways, resemble the Godfather of the IPL, but none of them can truly be referred to as such. Rumor has it that Rohit Sharma is either the godfather of the IPL or perhaps the monarch of the IPL, while others claim MS Dhoni is the godfather of the IPL. However, MS Dhoni tops the list, whether we are looking for the father of the IPL or the king of the IPL.

IPL Baap — A Detailed Look

Based on the reviews, CSK and MI are the two favorite IPL teams. The majority of people think CSK is the greatest IPL squad, although other people think MI is the best. CSK has consistently been the most talented franchise in the IPL since it began. The “Baap of the IPL” or the “Godfather of the IPL” are common nicknames for Dhoni. The vivacious man has the incredible distinction of having participated in more IPL championship games than anyone else. The IPL has had a lot of illustrious Indian players compete in it throughout its long history. MS Dhoni holds the record for smashing the most sixes with 209 total maximums.

Who will rule the IPL in 2022?

Finding out who the Godfather of the IPL, the IPL King, and the IPL King of 2022 it is of utmost importance to many people. People may be seen commenting on the IPL BAP as soon as they access Facebook and other social media sites. Nobody is shocked by the fact that MS Dhoni has become recognized as the IPL’s Godfather. MS Dhoni has consistently proven that he is the “Godfather” of the IPL by successfully leading his team.

There is some controversy about this list. Although some supporters may hold contrary opinions, this is what the overwhelming majority has chosen. Understandably, MS Dhoni is regarded as the overall “Baap” because he is one of cricket’s best-liked players.

MSD may have also been eligible to serve as Captain Baap. He has commanded some productive Chennai Super Kings teams.