What are the top ten best straight sixes of all time?

In this article, we have mentioned information related to the top ten best straight sixes of all time hit by player in detail.

Cricket is an exciting game, especially when players hit sixes. If a player smacks the ball with their bat, it goes flying over the boundary. Everyone goes wild! But there is something extra special about a straight six which is a mega-powerful shot that zooms down the pitch, dodging fielders and causing chaos.

Now, imagine trying to pick the absolute best straight sixes ever. It is a bit tricky because everyone has their favorites. But let’s check out the ten best straight sixes shots that cricket fans will never forget. Each one is like a superhero move which shows off the strength of the player, perfect timing, and boldness.

1. Sir Garfield Sobers (1968)


What are the top ten best straight sixes of all time?
Sir Garfield Sobers (Photo Source: X)

It was 1968, and Sobers was playing for Nottinghamshire. In a County Championship match, Sir Garfield Sobers faced Malcolm Marshall and did something incredible. Six times in a row, he hit the cricket ball out of the park for six runs each time. No one has beaten that record yet. Each hit was like a lesson in hitting the ball hard which showed that Sobers was the boss. Malcolm Marshall and the whole Hampshire team could not believe what they saw.

2. Rohit Sharma (2017)

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Rohit Sharma earned a special place in the records. In his 2017 ODI against Sri Lanka, he showed the skill of hitting the ball cleanly. One memorable moment was when he faced Sri Lankan spinner Lakshan Sandakan and smacked three consecutive sixes. Each hit was a perfect blend of strength and precision, making it look effortless and leaving the bowler clueless. He truly displayed his mastery of controlled power in that game.

3. Yuvraj Singh (2007)

What are the top ten best straight sixes of all time?
Yuvraj Singh (Photo Source: X)

The 2007 T20 World Cup final between India and England is remembered as a cricketing classic, thanks in large part to his sensational performance. Up against the young Stuart Broad, He made cricket history by hitting six back-to-back sixes in a single over. The boldness, perfect timing, and sheer brilliance of that moment secured his lasting legacy in the world of cricket.

4. AB de Villiers (2015)

What are the top ten best straight sixes of all time?
AB de Villiers (Photo Source: X)

AB de Villiers is famed for his unique and successful style of batting showing his straight six against Dale Steyn during the 2015 IPL. Confronting the rapid pace of Steyn, he elegantly shifted his position across the crease, flicking the ball with his wrists. The ball zoomed straight down the ground which left both Steyn and onlookers in awe of the exceptional talent of De Villiers.

5. Shahid Afridi (2011)

What are the top ten best straight sixes of all time?
Shahid Afridi (Photo Source: X)

Shahid Afridi is often called ‘Boom Boom’ Afridi who is famous for his explosive batting. An excellent illustration of this was his six against Lasith Malinga in a 2011 World Cup match. Malinga was known for his deadly yorkers who bowled a fast delivery, but Afridi responded with sheer aggression by swinging his bat with tremendous force, he effortlessly sent the ball soaring over long-on, making it look like a walk in the park despite Malinga’s formidable delivery.

6. Glenn Maxwell (2014)

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Glenn Maxwell is known as the ‘Big Show’ for his entertaining style which showed his flair in a 2014 Big Bash League match against Nathan Lyon, a right-arm off-spinner. Adding a twist to the game he was originally a right-handed batsman, astounded everyone by switching to a left-handed stance mid-delivery. The audacity of the switch-hit was impressive on its own, but what came next was truly extraordinary. He not only pulled off the unconventional shot but also smashed the ball straight down the ground for a massive six, leaving Lyon confused and the crowd amazed.

7. Chris Gayle (2012)

What are the top ten best straight sixes of all time?
Chris Gayle (Photo Source: Facebook)

Chris Gayle is famously known as the ‘Universe Boss,’  who is a name synonymous with colossal six-hitting. In a T20 International match against Sri Lanka in 2012 facing spinner Ajantha Mendis, he smashed an incredible six consecutive sixes in a single over. The distance and force behind each shot turned it into a mesmerizing spectacle, etching the moment into the annals of cricketing history.

8. Virender Sehwag (2008)

What are the top ten best straight sixes of all time?
Virender Sehwag (Photo Source: X)

Virender Sehwag known as opening batsmanship known for his style that shows his fearlessness in a 2008 Test match against Australia. Facing the fiery fast bowler Brett Lee, who delivered a challenging bouncer, he remained undeterred. With immense power, he confidently hooked the ball, sending it soaring over the long-on boundary. This moment stood as a testament to Sehwag’s bold and unapologetic approach to batting.

9. Sachin Tendulkar (2011)

What are the top ten best straight sixes of all time?
Sachin Tendulkar (Photo Source: Facebook)

Even the “Master Blaster” himself couldn’t resist the allure of a well-timed straight six.  In a 2011 World Cup match against South Africa, Tendulkar faced Dale Steyn, a bowler he had numerous battles with.  Steyn delivered a quick bouncer, but Tendulkar, with impeccable timing, flicked the ball with his wrists. It rocketed down the ground like a bullet, bisecting the midwicket fielders and sailing over the boundary for a memorable six.

10. Herschelle Gibbs (2002)

What are the top ten best straight sixes of all time?
Herschelle Gibbs (Photo Source: Facebook)

The 2002 Johannesburg Test between South Africa and Australia witnessed one of the most incredible batting displays in history. Herschelle Gibbs, in a state of absolute dominance, unleashed a flurry of boundaries.  Among them was a brutal assault on Nathan Bracken, the Australian pace bowler.  Gibbs launched three consecutive straight sixes, each one a display of power and precision that left the Australians shell-shocked.


These ten straight sixes represent just a glimpse into the vast cricketing history. Each shot tells a story of power, skill, and the unwavering spirit of a batsman facing the challenge of the bowler. Whether it’s the audacity of Yuvraj Singh or the elegance of Ross Taylor, these straight sixes continue to inspire awe and remain etched in the memory of every cricket fan.