What are the ten best catches in the history of ODI?

In this article, we have mentioned information related to the ten best catches in the history of ODI which has amazed everyone in detail.

The ten best catches of the ODI are:

1. Jonty Rhodes’ One-Handed Catch in South Africa vs Australia, 1999 World Cup

In the 1999 World Cup against arch-rivals Australia, Jonty Rhodes a South African player who is known for his fielding went against gravity. He chased a shot from Australian batsman, Shane Warne near the mid-wicket boundary. Rhodes jumped full stretch and one hand outstretched. Miraculously, the ball stuck sending the crowd and commentators into a frenzy. This one-handed catch was captured perfectly by cameras which is widely considered the greatest catch ever taken in any form of cricket. This catch is still memorable and considered as one of the best catches in ODI.


2. Ricky Ponting’s Catch in Australia vs South Africa, 2006

In a tri-series match against South Africa in 2006, Ricky Ponting who is known for his batting skill pulled off an incredible catch. He was positioned at deep mid-wicket and faced a challenge when Jacques Kallis hit a powerful shot. The ball appeared to cross the boundary line, but Ponting refused to take defeat. He leaped into the air by stretching his arms to their limit and grabbed the ball just inches before it could touch the ground. This effort not only saved precious runs but also boosted the morale of Australians in an important encounter. 

3. Andrew Symonds’ Catch in Australia vs India, 2007 World Cup

The 2007 World Cup final witnessed an unexpected catch from Andrew Symonds which left everyone speechless. He was chasing a huge total from India and Australia needed quick success. Then Symonds enters and is set at long-off. Sourav Ganguly who was the Indian captain went for a big shot but Symonds with prediction judged the trajectory perfect. He stood with a horizontal leap and took a one-handed catch which sent Ganguly back and silenced the Indian crowd momentarily, this catch was a turning point in the final which showed the exceptional fielding of Symonds.

4. Paul Collingwood’s Grab in England vs Australia, 2005

The Ashes tournament extends beyond Test cricket, and Paul Collingwood’s catch incorporates that competition. In a 2005 ODI against Australia, Michael Clarke smashed a powerful drive towards mid-off. Collingwood is positioned there. He dived full length, one hand reaching out and somehow managed to catch onto the ball just before it touched the ground. 

5. Tillakaratne Dilshan’s One-Handed Catch in Sri Lanka vs India, 2012

Tillakaratne Dilshan who was a Sri Lankan player was not just a productive score but also his fielding was equally spectacular. In a 2012 ODI against India, Virat Kohli who known for his batting was hit a powerful cut shot. Dilshan who was positioned at a backward point expected the shot perfectly. With a quick leap and a single outstretched hand, he snaffled the catch which left Kohli and the fans stunned.

6. Yuvraj Singh’s catch in India vs Pakistan, 2004 Champions Trophy

The 2004 Champions Trophy final between India and Pakistan witnessed a controversial yet spectacular effort. Inzamam-ul-Haq who was the Pakistani batsman has launched a powerful shot towards the mid-wicket region. Yuvraj Singh was stationed there and jumped for the catch and claimed it. However, replays were inconclusive, with some angles suggesting the ball may have brushed the ground before Singh pouched it. The umpire’s decision of “out” stood, but the debate continues to this day. This was one of the best catches in ODI history.

7. Kevin Pietersen’s catch in England vs India, 2008

In a 2008 ODI against India, Yuvraj Singh who was known for his flamboyant strokeplay launched a big shot towards the long-on boundary. Kevin Pietersen stood there and displayed exceptional expectations. With a full-length dive, his arms outstretched and managed to grab the ball inches before it touched the ground. This sensational effort not only dismissed a dangerous batsman but also showed the fielding skill of England.

8. Andrew Flintoff’s Powerful Grab in England vs Sri Lanka, 2007 World Cup 

Andrew Flintoff who was an all-rounder from England was known for his bowling and powerful hitting. However, his fielding was equally impressive as evidenced by this catch in the 2007 World Cup group stage match against Sri Lanka. Mahela Jayawardene who was the Sri Lankan batsman has played a powerful cut shot towards the deep point. Flintoff who was positioned there, expected the fall of the ball perfectly. With a powerful leap and a firm grip, he snaffled the catch which dismissed the well-set batsman Jayawardene.

9. AB de Villiers’ One-Handed Catch in South Africa vs West Indies, 2015 World Cup

AB de Villiers was the South African batter and a magician with the bat. However, his fielding was often overshadowed. This catch during the 2015 World Cup clash against West Indies, served as a reminder of his all-around. Kieron Pollard who was the West Indian big-hitter has launched a six towards long-on. De Villiers stood there and judged the fall perfectly and with a one-handed leap he plucked the ball out of the air which left everyone in awe.

10. Trent Boult’s One-Handed Grab in New Zealand vs Australia, 2015 World Cup Final

The 2015 World Cup final was a nail-biting encounter and this catch by Trent Boult created the drama. Chasing a target set by New Zealand, Australia needed just 19 runs to win with one wicket remaining. Mitchell Starc who is the last batsman, went for a big shot but Boult was positioned there already at fine leg, producing a moment of magic. With a one-handed, full-length dive, he plucked the ball out of thin air which sparked jubilation in the New Zealand camp and secured a historic World Cup victory for his nation. 

These are just a few of the many spectacular catches that have graced the ODI arena. Each catch has its own story, showcasing the athleticism, anticipation, and reflexes required to be a world-class fielder. These moments not only turn the tide of matches but also inspire young players to push the boundaries of fielding excellence. As cricket continues to evolve, one can only wait and see what breathtaking catches the future holds.