West Indies’ Victory Over Australia Proves Rodney Hogg’s ‘Hopeless’ Comment Wrong

West Indies’ stunning eight-run win over Australia at the Gabba proves Rodney Hogg’s ‘hopeless’ comment wrong. The visitors, led by Shamar Joseph, showcased resilience and skill to secure an unexpected victory, defying pre-series doubts.

Former Australia fast-bowler Rodney Hogg found himself on the receiving end of a humbling experience as the West Indies defied his ‘hopeless and pathetic’ comments, securing a magical eight-run victory over Australia at the Gabba. Hogg, who had dismissed the West Indies’ chances in Brisbane, admitted that the visitors’ performance proved him wrong.

Hogg’s critical remarks came after West Indies’ ten-wicket loss in Adelaide, where he expressed doubts about their ability to compete in the second Test at the Gabba. However, the West Indies, led by fast-bowler Shamar Joseph‘s exceptional seven-wicket haul, staged a remarkable comeback, clinching an unexpected win.

Reflecting on the turnaround, Hogg acknowledged the West Indies’ growth and improvement throughout the two-match series. Despite entering the series with six players without a Test cap and perceived inexperience, the visitors demonstrated resilience and skill, surprising critics and silencing doubts.


In response to Hogg’s comments, West Indies captain Kraigg Braithwaite fired back after the Gabba triumph. Braithwaite revealed that Hogg’s words served as inspiration for the team, motivating them to prove they were not ‘pathetic.’ The captain playfully asked Hogg whether his muscles were now big enough in response to the critical assessment.

Hogg, reflecting on the West Indies’ performance, admitted that the players showed real ability and improved as the series progressed. He acknowledged the impact of giving inexperienced players game time and highlighted their resilience in the face of challenges.

While Hogg initially questioned the West Indies’ capabilities, their Gabba victory served as a powerful response, showcasing the unpredictable nature of cricket and the ability of teams to rise to the occasion. The West Indies’ success has added an intriguing twist to the narrative, leaving fans and critics alike eager to see how they continue to evolve in upcoming matches.