Virat Kohli vs James Anderson 3 Best Moments In Test Cricket

In this article we mention the Virat Kohli vs James Anderson 3 Best Moments in Test Cricket

Virat Kohli the former Indian captain, and James Anderson, England’s legendary swing bowler, have provided some of the most thrilling battles in Test cricket history. Their contrasting styles – Kohli’s aggressive batting and Anderson’s mastery of seam and swing with new ball and old ball as well – created a compelling narrative that unfolded over several years. Here are three moments that perfectly suitable of this respectful rivalry:

The 2014 Tour of England:

This tour was a forgettable one for Virat Kohli. England’s swinging conditions exposed vulnerabilities in his technique. Anderson, in his prime, exploited these weaknesses ruthlessly. He dismissed Virat Kohli four times in ten innings with an average of just 4.8. One dismissal a beauty that swing away and took the edge became a symbol of Anderson’s dominance. It was a masterclass in swing bowling that left even the fiery Virat Kohli subdued.


Virat Kohli vs James Anderson 3 Best Moments In Test Cricket

The 2016 Tour of India: Virat Kohli Revenge

The script flipped entirely when the action shifted to India. The pitches offered little assistance to swing bowlers and Kohli now a seasoned campaigner was in brilliant form. He feasted on anything loose, amassing a staggering 622 runs across five Tests at an average exceeding 124. 

Anderson deprived of his swing weapon could only watch as Kohli domineted the attack. This series marked a turning point, showcasing Kohli’s ability to adept and conquer overseas conditions.

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The 2018 Tour of England

The 2018 Tour of England:

The 2018 tour featured a curious match between the bat and the ball. With a resolve to drive out the demons of 2014, Virat Kohli displayed flashes of his genius. Even though Anderson was still able to dismiss him twice, Kohli played with a grit and purpose that had been lacking earlier. 

In a losing cause, he scored a tough 97 at Trent Bridge, a performance that showed his mental strength. Even though Kohli did not personally win this series, it confirmed his status as a the very best batsman who could rise to any situation.

Kohli and Anderson’s rivalry transcended individual battles. It was a clash of styles, a testament to the beauty and complexity of Test cricket. It was a rivalry that cricket fans will continue to cherish for years to come forever etched in the annals of cricketing history.