Top Ten Test Cricket Moments That Destroyed the Careers

In this article, we will take a look at the top ten crushing moments that destroyed the careers of players in the history of cricket.

Test cricket, which is frequently referred to as the most dynamic format in the game, holds the power to make or break a player’s career. There are innumerable tales of glory and triumph, but there are also tales of heartache and hopelessness. These are the kinds of incidents that suddenly stopped prominent cricket players from rising higher in the game, leaving them to deal with disappointments that changed the trajectory of their careers. These devastating blows serve as vivid reminders of the harsh nature of the game, from injuries to controversies. We will see the ten crushing moments that destroyed the careers of players in the history of cricket.

2000: Wasim Akram’s retirement 

In 2000, Pakistani fast bowler Wasim Akram announced his retirement from Test cricket, capping a remarkable career. Akram’s decision was made following a stretch of declining form and poor performances. Akram’s average in his last 20 Test matches was a pitiful 26.94, a far cry from his former dominating form. These lackluster numbers combined with a run of poor performances made Akram reassess his prospects in the game’s extended format. Even though Akram’s Test career came to an end rather quietly, his outstanding contributions to limited-overs cricket helped cement his reputation as one of the greatest fast bowlers in cricket history.


2001: Graham Thorpe’s exit from the test series against Australia 

An arduous chapter was endured by English batsman Graham Thorpe during the 2001 Ashes series against Australia. Throughout the series, Thorpe could only muster an average of 25.42, clearly indicating his struggles at the plate. Every game in the Ashes series is closely watched, and Thorpe’s failure to leave a lasting impression cost him dearly. Thorpe’s time playing Test cricket came to an end when he was dropped from the team following the conclusion of the fifth Test. 

2007: Shoaib Akhtar’s controversial ban 

A major blow to his career occurred in 2007 when ball tampering resulted in a two-year ban from Test cricket for Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar. Although unrelated to his on-field performance, Akhtar’s suspension hampered his rhythm and forward motion. Upon rejoining the team in 2009, Akhtar found it difficult to regain his previous dominance on the field. Akhtar was hardly the same bowler after the forced sabbatical, injuries, and the cost of his fast pace. The ban had a lasting effect on him, and he was never the same terrifying bowler who used to terrorize batsmen.

2007: Rahul Dravid’s loss of captaincy 

One of India’s most prominent cricketing icons, Rahul Dravid, went through a difficult period in the 2007 Border-Gavaskar Trophy match against Australia. Dravid’s struggles were evident as both captain and batsman, as he finished the series with an average of just 26.66. The underwhelming performance of each member and the team led to important adjustments. Dravid was relieved of his captaincy duties following the third Test. Dravid’s career took a major halt after this, as he never went back to the position of dominance. 

2010: Ryan Harris ruled out due to a foot fracture 

Fast bowler Ryan Harris from Australia had a career-tarnishing incident in 2010 when he sustained a crippling stress fracture in his foot, which prevented him from playing in the Ashes series against England. Following a strenuous recuperation period, Harris returned to the team with remarkable skill in 2011 and went on to become one of Australia’s best fast bowlers. However, the injury to my foot had a lasting effect. Even though Ryan kept turning in outstanding performances, the injury was always a threat, and it finally forced him into an early retirement. 

2014: Kohli’s tough test series against England 

There were difficulties in Virat Kohli’s early Test cricket career. Kohli struggled with the difficult English conditions during his first major Test series as a regular member of the Indian squad. With an average of just 13.40 in 10 innings, Kohli’s struggles were visible. Kohli’s challenges were made worse after being dismissed nine times in a row, which made him lose his form for a brief period. While Kohli suffered a great deal of criticism during this difficult time, it also proved to be a turning point in his career that forced him to improve his abilities and fortitude. 

2015: AB de Villiers’ lost his test captaincy 

The renowned captain and batsman of South Africa, AB de Villiers, had a difficult time during the 2015 Ashes series. Known for his batting prowess, De Villiers saw his form significantly deteriorate during the series, ending with an average of just 25.20. An important decision was made as a result of the underwhelming individual and team performance. De Villiers was stripped of his captaincy following the third Test, and he never took up the position again. 

2020: Shaheen Afridi’s serious knee injury 

In 2020, Pakistan’s fast bowler Shahid Afridi suffered a serious blow when he was forced to miss the Test series against South Africa and New Zealand due to a knee injury. The fans applauded his return to the team in 2021, but it also signaled the start of a difficult period characterized by recurrent injuries. Concern has been raised about Afridi’s struggles with fitness, as injuries have impacted his availability and consistency. Even though he made his way back into the team, his injury problems limited his effectiveness and occasionally prompted concerns about his prominence in the competitive world of international cricket in the long run.

2021: Jasprit Bumrah’s stress fracture 

The highly regarded fast bowler from India, Jasprit Bumrah, suffered a severe blow in 2021 when a stress fracture in his lower back prevented him from playing in both the T20 World Cup and important Test series. Even after making a comeback, Burmah has been plagued by injuries that have made him inconsistent and unavailable. As one of the best fast bowlers in international cricket, Bumrah’s history of injuries has raised questions about his long-term viability and effectiveness. Nevertheless, the pace spearhead, Bumrah has been displaying an impressive bowling spell in the ongoing T20 World Cup tournament

2023: Shubhman Gill’s dengue setback 

One of India’s most promising opening batsman Shubman Gill faced an unanticipated setback in 2023 when he was diagnosed with dengue, which forced him to miss the first ODI against Australia. Though his comeback to the team for the second ODI was much awaited, it was not an easy one. Gill struggled with form and had trouble getting back into rhythm. A depressing development was his expulsion from the team following a subpar showing in the third One-Day International. We have seen the ten crushing moments that destroyed the careers of players in the history of cricket.