Top 5 longest overs in Cricket

Even renowned cricketers would want to forget some records. Here are the five longest and maybe the worst cricket overs.

Cricket bowling is rather basic. An over is completed when a bowler bowls six legal deliveries. Yet, these are the five longest overs that bowlers would want to forget.

Bert Vance (22 balls)

This is the officially worst over in the game’s history. Bert Vance of New Zealand once bowled the longest over in history in a domestic game, going on for 22 balls. Vance bowled this over against Canterbury in the Shell Trophy Final in the 198-90 season for Wellington, conceding 77 runs.


Mohammad Sami (17 balls)

In his peak, Mohammad Sami was regarded as one of the most dangerous bowlers. He was the captain of Pakistan’s bowling attack. His name will go down in history for a number of reasons, including bowling the longest over ever recorded in an international match. In a 2004 Asia Cup encounter against Bangladesh, Sami delivered a 17-ball over with seven wides and four no-balls. His over yielded a total of 22 runs. Strangely, he bowled a maiden over before going on to produce this terrible over.

Curtly Ambrose (15 balls)

The famous West Indian bowler, who delivered one of the finest test periods in history (7 for 1) against Australia, reportedly bowled an over he would rather forget. Ambrose bowled an over of 15 balls against Australia in Perth in 1997. Ambrose bowled no-balls regularly during the over. His inning had nine no-balls. Surprisingly, the bowler went on to bowl another 6 no-balls in the next over.

Daryl Tuffey (14 balls)

It is not a simple task to open the bowling alley. As a result, the duty of opening the bowling is frequently assigned to the team’s finest and most trusted bowler. Daryl Tuffey opened the bowling for New Zealand in a game against Australia, bowling an over of 14 deliveries. The over yielded 16 runs, with four no-balls and four wides.

Scott Bosswell (14 balls)

Scott Bosswell bowled an over of 14 balls in the C&G Trophy Final against Leicestershire and Somerset. Throughout the over, Leicestershire’s medium pace bowler bowled eight wides.

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