Top 10 Bowlers Who Have Mastered the Maiden Overs Across All Formats

We have mentioned Cricket’s maiden masters: a look at the top 10 bowlers who have bowled the most maiden overs across all formats.

Going an entire over without allowing a single run is a remarkable effort, but doing it repeatedly on such a large scale is something only a few people can manage. Many outstanding bowlers have emerged throughout the history of cricket, but these are the chosen few. Throughout their distinguished careers, these bowlers have bowled over 1,000 maiden overs across all tournaments. The top ten bowlers with the most maiden overs across all forms are as follows:

Muttiah Muralitharan- 1992 Maidens

Muttiah grabs the top rank with 1992 maidens throughout all competitions, second only to the famous Shane Warne. He has 1792 test wickets to his name and 198 ODI wickets. He is Sri Lanka’s leading bowler in terms of wickets, maidens, and other achievements. He is the only spinner in One-Day International history to bowl this many maiden overs. It’s another fantastic feat for him to add to his resume.  He is also the leading ODI wicket-taker.


Shane Warne- 1871 Maidens

Shane Warne’s control over his bowling has never been matched, earning him the title “God of Spin.” His name alone was enough to make the batsmen nervous. In test matches, he has 1762 maidens and over 700 wickets. His mystical spells shattered the enemy’s formations. He contributed to Australia’s dominance over the globe of cricket in 2000.

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James Anderson- 1804 Maidens

England’s dependable machine earns third place. James Anderson has worked hard throughout his career to gain recognition for his test bowling. In test cricket, he has roughly 700 wickets and 1678 maiden overs, the same as Shane Warne. In test cricket, he has 32 five-wicket hauls, with his best being 7/42. He has retired from one-day internationals but continues to bowl fearlessly in test matches. As an example, consider the recent Ashes series.

Glenn Mcgrath- 1749 Maidens

Glenn Mcgrath and Shane Warne’s pair smashed teams all around the world. He has bowled the second-most maiden overs in one-day cricket and the highest bowling strike rate (34). In only 248 matches, he has bowled 279 maidens. He has a great sense of line and length, and he occasionally uses Yorkers. In test cricket, he has an incredible record, bowling around 1500 maidens in 470 innings. He is Australia’s most talented fast bowler.

Anil Kumble- 1685 Maidens

The player who took ten wickets in a single inning had to be on this list. Anil Kumble, an Indian spinner, has excelled in both formats. With his remarkable kids, he ruled the 1990s as India’s bowling weapon. In test cricket, he has 1575 maidens and almost 600 wickets. His name will most likely go down as India’s top bowler, as well as one of the best spin bowling technicians.

Shaun Pollock- 1536 Maidens

This South African bowler is well-known. Shaun Pollock leads the tally of ODI maidens. In 297 innings, he has over 300 maiden overs, 313 to be exact. His unconventional bowling made it difficult for the opposition to face him; add to that his bouncers, and he was a torment for all batsmen. His test record is particularly impressive, with 1200 maidens in only 4,000 overs. He took a rather simple aggressive approach to the wickets.

Stuart Broad- 1361 Maidens

Stuart Broad, like his fellow Englishman Jammy Anderson, has built a reputation for himself in cricket. He and Anderson have made quick work of several teams. He returned to the English side in 2019 for a series against Pakistan and has gone on to take numerous wickets since then. In test cricket, he has approximately 1300 maidens and 600 wickets. His amazing speed and height complement his incredible swing.

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Lance Gibbs- 1371 Maidens

The West Indies legend frightened the bowlers during the course of his 18-year career. The West Indies dominated during the 1960s, with him leading the bowling attack. In only 4200 innings, he bowled almost 1300 maidens in tests. His bowling approach changed the Indians’ playing style, allowing them to win the first two World Cups.

Daniel Vettori- 1297 Maidens

The great New Zealand captain is ranked eighth. His mastery of tactics and off-spin drives the batsman to retain his stance, resulting in an extended period of overs without runs, compounding the opposition’s suffering. He got over 350 wickets in test cricket and a similar number in ODIs. In 5000 test innings, he has bowled over 1200 maidens. His bowling would put enormous strain on the opposing batsman. He is a New Zealand legend.

Kapil Dev- 1295 Maidens

Many people believe that India’s best captain and all-rounder, Kapil Dev, is ranked tenth. While the great Indian captain has many memorable batsman runs, it is his bowling that has earned him the most glory. He has 235 one-day maidens and over 1,000 in test cricket. His unorthodox action and change of spin stunned many batsmen and earned him numerous wickets. He is the first Indian to have bowled more than 200 maiden overs in ODIs.