The top five innings of Virat Kohli in Cricket Career

In this article, we will take a look at the top five innings of Virat Kohli finest career innings and revisit the contributions he has made to cricket. 

With his unmatched effect, Virat Kohli has unquestionably transformed Indian cricket. King Kohli’s brash leadership as a test captain propelled India to unprecedented triumphs, most notably the triumph in the 2018 Test series in Australia. Kohli’s consistency at bat has witnessed him smash records in all formats. After delivering uncountable match-winning performances, Kohli is now considered one of the most prominent batsmen in the world.

Beyond the statistical anecdotes, Kohli’s zeal, dedication, and aggressiveness have played a pivotal role in giving the Indian cricket team a winning mentality. Kohli’s impact transcends beyond the cricket field. With his incredible batting ability, Virat Kohli, the master of modern cricket, has truly left an indelible mark in the history of international cricket. So, we will see the five innings of Virat Kohli in his cricket career.

Magnificent chase against Australia at Hobart in 2012 


In a 2012 cricket extravaganza, Virat Kohli, then just twenty-three, showed an annihilating batting prowess by leading Australia in a stunning chase in Hobart. Kohli’s undefeated score of 133 demonstrated remarkable poise and an unmatched ability to lead the squad past a strong opponent. Kohli’s performance under extreme circumstances demonstrated his batting brilliance and his amazing ability to lead the Indian team to victory. With this pivotal performance, Kohli’s career underwent a sea change, paving the way for his subsequent exploits and enhancing his standing as a batsman who can perform brilliantly under pressure.

Historic double-century against West Indies at Antigua in 2016 

When Virat Kohli scored his first Test century against the West Indies in Antigua in 2016, he accomplished a historic feat. Kohli was the first Indian captain to accomplish this feat outside of his homeland as a result. With 24 fours in 281 balls, Kohli’s brilliant 200-ball innings demonstrated his domination. Kohli opened the series with an undefeated century and on Day 2 he was even more lethal for the West Indies, demonstrating remarkable caliber. This exceptional innings showcased Kohli’s grit as he overcame the difficulties presented by the Caribbean weather and the West Indies bowling assault. Kohli’s reputation as one of the best batters in the world was cemented by this enormous blow, which also greatly aided India’s decisive win.

Kohli’s unbeatable 82* innings against Australia at the ICC World T20 against Australia in 2016 

One of the finest T20I innings ever witnessed was Virat Kohli’s unbeaten 82 against Australia in the 2016 ICC World T20. Entering at 2/37 in the sixth over, Kohli displayed steely nerves and masterfully orchestrated a stunning comeback. Power, timing, aggressiveness, and unshakeable composure all came together to help Kohli reach his fifty in 39 balls and accelerate in the last few overs. Stunning strokes from Kohli’s masterclass included a huge six off James Faulkner. Securing the win with a boundary in the 19th over, Kohli displayed impeccable timing and cemented his reputation as a T20 batting star.

Kohli’s star-studded 122* inning against India’s arch-rivals, Pakistan at the 2018 Asia Cup 

One of the highest blows of Virat Kohli’s remarkable career was his remarkable ODI century against Pakistan at the 2018 Asia Cup. With India at 123/2 and under intense pressure, Kohli produced a magnificent performance, hitting 122 runs off only 94 balls. Kohli moved from a cautious to an aggressive phase with ease, always knowing when to stop. With 12 fours and 6 sixes in just 82 balls, Kohli’s century demonstrated his supremacy, especially against the spinners from Pakistan. This magnificent performance not only powered India to a daunting total of 356 but also played a key part in winning a dramatic victory against arch-rivals Pakistan.

Kohli’s annihilating 254* innings against South Africa at Pune in 2019 

Virat Kohli’s historic 254* against South Africa in Pune in 2019 is regarded as one of the best Test innings in history. After an 11-hour marathon, Day 2 witnessed Kohli join the battle at 273/3, exhibiting unrelenting control and domination. As he reached a century in 187 balls and a double century in 310 balls, Kohli’s batting spell against South Africa was characterized by patience. Kohli’s innings demonstrated perfect talent and technique, particularly against the South African spinners, with 33 fours and 3 sixes. India won handsomely by an innings and 137 runs due to this historic knock, which also cemented Kohli’s place in Test cricket history as one of the most prominent batsmen.


Virat Kohli has played some amazing cricket innings that made him a big star in the cricket world. Whether it’s his powerful batting against Australia or his historic double-century against the West Indies, Kohli has shown his talent and skill on the field. His unbeatable innings in the ICC World T20 and his remarkable century against Pakistan in the Asia Cup are also unforgettable moments. And let’s not forget his incredible 254* against South Africa, making him a true legend in Test cricket. Overall, Virat Kohli’s cricket journey is filled with fantastic performances that have left a lasting mark in the history of the game. So, we have seen the five innings of Virat Kohli in his cricket career.