The Top Five Cricket Kit Manufacturers of England

In this article, we will explore the top five manufacturers of cricket kits in England that have played a major role in the rise of England’s cricket team.

The England cricket team, often referred to as “the three lions”, has witnessed a streak of glorious success and unfortunate bouts of defeat as well. However, the unwavering courage and phenomenal match-winning performances of English cricketers has remained constant over the years. England’s cricket team has clinched the ICC Cricket World Cup title twice in the years 2019, against New Zealand and in 2022, against their arch-rivals, Pakistan. The team has also established itself as one of the most formidable teams in the test format, clinching a phenomenal total of 392 matches out of the 1,071 matches that they have played till now. With a star-studded lineup of legendary cricketers including Alastair Cook, Andrew Flintoff, Kevin Pieterson and many more, England’s cricket team continues to dominate the cricketing arena across all formats with its fierce bowling attacks and annihilating batting lineups. In addition to these legendary cricketers, the leading cricket kit manufacturers of England have also played a pivotal role in elevating England’s cricketing stature on the international stage by manufacturing and providing the team with world-class, premium-quality cricket equipment. 

Gunn & Moore 

Popularly referred to by the abbreviation GM, Guns and Moore is one of the prominent sports companies that offers a wide array of sporting equipment and apparel. Guns & Moore was originally established by the legendary English batsman of the test format, William Gunn, and a local businessman Thomas James Moore. Although the brand was initially based at 49 Carrington Street in Nottingham, England, it was later moved and is currently located in Colwick, Nottinghamshire, England. Currently, Gunn & Moore manufactures cricket clothing and a wide range of equipment including bats, balls, hand gloves, thigh pads, helmets, athletic shoes, backpacks and protective gear. Established around 139 years ago, Gunn & Moore has been endorsed by prominent names in international cricket, including Ben Stokes, Quinton de Kock, Anil Kumble, Ross Taylor, Michael Vaughan and many more.


DKP Cricket

Although the world of the cricket equipment industry has long been dominated by decades-old giant brands, DKP Cricket outshined as a game changer. Established in 2014, the DKP manufacturing unit is located on the outskirts of Birmingham, UK. Unlike the widely practiced machinery technology, DKP crafts each bat manually, working closely on the sanding and polishing work pace to make sure that the grip and control of the bat remain consistent, beating all the yorkers and pace deliveries on the crease. Over the years, popular names in the cricketing world like Conor McKerr have been spotted using DKP’s bat to deliver their match-winning innings against the opponent teams. Operating in the UK for a decade now, DKP uses high-quality clefts and premium quality cane imported from Malaysia to craft their world-class cricket bats.  


Originally established in 1881 by Ralph and Albert Slazenger in London, Slazenger is a leading British sports equipment brand that currently caters to millions of viewers and players worldwide. In addition to designing and manufacturing premium quality cricket equipment, Slazenger also manufactures kits for highly competitive sports like tennis, football and golf. Slazenger was allowed to manufacture the official football for the iconic 1996 FIFA World Cup. The brand has also been a reliable equipment partner for the Wimbledon Tennis Championship since 1902. In the field of cricket, Slazenger has widely exercised its domination by manufacturing top-notch cricket bats, balls, cleats, helmets and gloves. Slazenger has been endorsed by eminent cricketing personalities, including Sir Viv Richards, Mark Waugh, Denis Compton, Sir Don Bradman, Jason Roy, James Anderson and many more. Furthermore, the Pakistani cricket team utilized Slazenger’s cricket kits for the entire 2019 ICC World Twenty20 Tournament, highlighting the brand’s reliability during the highly competitive matches.


Based in the UK, Woodworm started as a cricket equipment manufacturing company in 2003 and later started manufacturing equipment and apparel for gold as well. Although a relatively new brand as compared to the other giants in the industry, Woodworm has made a difference in the market to an unparalleled extent with its premium quality cricket bats and other equipment. Globally respected iconic cricketers, including Andrew Flintoff, Kevin Pietersen, Matt Prior and Michael Carberry have chosen Woodworm as their cricketing equipment sponsor in the most crucial tournaments across all formats, consolidating the brand’s reputation at an international stage. Currently, Woodworm majorly deals in its wide array of cricket bats, including the classic English willow bats, the affordable Kashmir willow bats, junior bats for young cricketers and the limited edition bats that are generally crafted from the classic English willow bats.

Millichamp & Hall 

Founded by Julian Millichamp and Jonathan Hall in October 1987, Millichamp & Hall has been a leading cricketing equipment brand for over thirty-five years now. M&H garnered a lot of attention and appreciation after the Ashes tour of 1989. Millichamp & Hall is widely recognized for the uncompromised quality that it has been delivering to its customers for decades now. Additionally, M&H also makes it possible for the player to customize the bat according to their requirements. They can choose their grade of willow, bat shape and decals to enhance their batting ability. Currently, Millichamp & Hall offers premium bats in diverse segments, including the player bat range, the pro bat range, the SE bat range and their timeless classic; the original bat range. The Millichamp & Hall has on-boarded numerous prominent names of the cricketing arena as brand ambassadors, including Charlie Dean, James Bracey, Ian Holland and Jordan Thompson.