The Top Five Cricket Kit Manufacturers in Pakistan

In this article, we will take a look at the top five cricket kit manufacturers of Pakistan who have been dominating the cricket equipment of Pakistan.

The Pakistani cricket team has often grabbed the limelight for clinching highly competitive leagues and tournaments against arch-rivals, including the ICC Cricket World Cup in 1992 against England, the ICC T20 World Cup in 2009 against Sri Lanka and the ICC Champions Trophy in 2017 against India. The leading brands manufacturing carefully crafted cricket bats and other equipment have played a significant role in Pakistan’s cricket team victories. With new cricket-centric equipment manufacturing brands emerging in Pakistan, over the years, the pursuit of perfection on the field has considerably increased. While tons of such brands have entered Pakistan’s cricket equipment market, a few top-notch brands continue to dominate the landscape with their age-old traditional craft skills that further enhance the competitive spirit of the elite cricket leagues. 

CA Sports 

Established decades back in 1958 by the late Charaghdin Abdul Rasheed, CA Sports is a leading sports equipment brand that originated in Pakistan. Headquartered in Sialkot, Pakistan, CA Sports offers a wide range of on-field cricket equipment including protection guards, balls, leg pads, batting gloves and cricket clothing products including polo t-shirts, trousers, and raincoats. The brand has also excelled at manufacturing top-notch sports accessories, including athletic shoes and backpacks. Additionally, CA Sports became the first brand in Pakistan to manufacture and launch the curve-shaped bats in 1979 that are considered to be indispensable in modern cricket today. Apart from Pakistani cricket players like Tamim Iqbal and Fakhar Zaman, numerous international cricketers, including Jason Roy and Eoin Morgan have been spotted using CA Sports bats during their crucial matches as a part of lucrative sponsorship deals.


MB Malik 

Originally founded in the year 1960 by Malik Inayat Ullah, it has undoubtedly emerged as a renowned Pakistani brand in the cricket equipment industry. MB Malik witnessed a significant transformation and growth in their numbers as the next generation of Malik Inayat Ullah, took over the business and adopted modern methods, techniques and innovations to craft cricket bats and other equipment with detailed precision. Apart from cricket bats, the brand also manufactures premium hand gloves and leg pads. Over the years, numerous Pakistani batting legends, including Azhar Ali, Hassan Ali, M Nawaz and M Hafeez have been seen using MB Malik’s bats on the crease to play their fate-changing matches.  

Habib Sons (HS Cricket)

With its top-notch quality cricket bats and other cricketing equipment, Habib Sons, also known as HS Cricket, has emerged to be a game-changing brand in Pakistan’s sports equipment industry. From the classic English Willow to the modern curved bats, HS Cricket has cracked the code to the ultimate on-field excellence in all ways known. In addition to cricket bats, HS Cricket also manufactures other cricketing equipment such as hand gloves and leg pads. Over the years, many legendary stalwarts of the Pakistani cricket team, including Babar Azam, Shahid Afridi, Azhar Ali and Misbah-Ul-Haq have trusted HS Cricket with their bats in various stages of their prosperous cricketing careers.

AM Sports 

AM Sports is a widely recognized international sports equipment brand that has been catalyzed for decades now. Headquartered in Sialkot, Pakistan. AM Sports manufactures top-quality bats and other cricket equipment, including leg pads and hand gloves. Over the years, AM Sports has worked relentlessly on improving the quality of its bats and other cricketing equipment, making it a prominent and premium brand for cricket aficionados. Although AM Sports has not been a part of lucrative brand endorsement deals with Pakistani as well as international cricketers, the brand has gained unparalleled popularity because of its precision and craft skills over the years.  

Ali Sports (AS)

With numerous lucrative brand endorsement deals with finely crafted cricket equipment, Ali Sports has outshined as one of the most prominent brands in cricket equipment over a few decades. The precisely manufactured cricket bats that are designed for all formats of cricket serve as the glorious highlight of the brand. Over the years, several Pakistani top-notch cricketers, including Babaz Azam and Shahid Afridi have been spotted using curved bats from Ali Sports to play their crucial innings against opponents on the international stage. Although Ali Sports has always been a dominant player in the market of cricket equipment, the founders of the brand still choose to innovate and improve all their existing line of products, including cricket bats, balls, hand gloves, customized jerseys, trousers, polo t-shirts and leg pads. According to the reports, the prominent sports equipment brand of Pakistan, Ali Sports, is planning to manufacture and launch a new range of athletics products including athletic shoes and bag packs.