Test Records: Top five players with the fastest test Centuries

In this article, we will talk about the top five international players with the fastest test centuries scored in the slowest form of the game.

While Test cricket is known for its patience and finesse, it also hides a thrilling secret: the race for the fastest test centuries. These are lightning-quick innings, packed with audacious aggression and etched in history for their sheer power and drama. Today, we embark on a journey to rediscover the top 5 fastest centuries in Test cricket, where batsmen displayed an unmatched blend of skill, confidence, and aggression. From legendary moments that have changed the landscape of the game to the breathtaking boldness of these batsmen, these exhibitions have redefined our perception of the longest format of the game.

Today, we dig into the main 5 quickest hundreds of years at any point scored in Test cricket, analyzing the players, the unique circumstance, and the frenzy that unfurled:

Brandon McCullum – 54


One of the greatest hitters in cricket is Brendon McCullum. Confronting an impressive Australian assault at Christchurch in 2016, McCullum released an unadulterated massacre in his final test match. He crushed 21 boundaries and 6 sixes in his inning of 145 runs in 79 balls, dashing to his hundred runs in only 54 balls, breaking the record set by Sir Vivian Richards almost 30 years ago. The boundaries of attacking batting in Test cricket were redefined by this daring display, demonstrating that aggression can thrive even in the longest format. Today’s England’s  Bazeball is introduced by their coach Brendon McCullum and also named after his nickname Baz.

Vivian Richards – 56

The invincible Vivian Richards, a legend of the game, guaranteed the second spot with his notorious thump against Britain in Antigua in 1986. His innings were a masterclass in controlled hostility, sprinkled with 7 fours and 7 sixes. While Captnaing the side Richards arrived at his hundred runs in only 56 deliveries, an accomplishment that remained as the record for almost 30 years and exhibited his unparalleled going-after ability. Vivian was at the peak of his form at that time and he was known for his aggressive batting in every condition. 

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Misbah-ul-Haq- 56

Misbah-ul-Haq was mostly known for his classical and calculated batting in every format, he shocked everybody with his tornado ton against Australia in Abu Dhabi. Misbah hit a flurry of boundaries against a world-class Australian pace attack led by Mitchell Jhonson to reach his century in 56 balls in 2014 at Abu Dhabi, in that inning he smashed 11 boundaries and five sixes. He has scored centuries in both innings due to which he was considered as the player of the match. This exceptional accomplishment demonstrated that even prepared veterans could adjust and embrace a more forceful methodology, motivating an age of players to oppose generalizations.

Adam Gilchrist – 57

The destructive wicketkeeper-batsman, Adam Gilchrist, needs no acquaintance when it comes to brassy batting. Against England in Perth, Gilchrist released his trademark wrath, cudgelling his direction to 100 runs in only 57 balls. The English bowlers were utterly perplexed by his brutal display of power hitting, which included 12 fours and 4 sixes in his inning of 102 runs in 59 balls. Adam was known for his aggressive batting even in test cricket also. 

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Jack Gregory – 67

While the modern era features batsmen with extraordinary hitting power, the list wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the prowess of yesteryear Australian giants. This is where Jack Gregory’s remarkable feat comes into play. In 1921, at Johannesburg, Gregory, known for his aggressive batting, showed everyone his potential with an attacking masterclass against South Africa. He reached his century in just 57 balls, hitting 19 fours and 2 sixes in his inning of 119 runs in 85 balls, showcasing a rarely-seen side of his cricketing persona. His 57-ball century is still the fifth-fastest century in test cricket even after 104 years.