T20 World Cup: Highest Total Chased by a Team – Records and Stats

The record showcases the highest total chased by a team in the T20 World Cup tournaments that have been held seven times.

The T20 World Cup matches bring out speed. The cricket lovers tend to jump in their seats with every boundary, six or a wicket. With the frequency of the excitement, it is one of the most favoured matches. It can become really tough for a team to decide or make the right kind of target for the other team to chase. Batting is one of the key areas for a team as it can help in either making a good record that the other team cannot chase or have the ability to chase the scores that are set by the other team for them. Their ability should be emphasised on the batting line-up and making it possible for them to meet the expectations.

Picking the right team members for the playing XI is very critical for a good chance to win the match. The following are the teams that were able to chase a high score in the varied tournaments of T20 that were held:

1. England – Played against South Africa in 2016 – Made 230/8 in 19.4 Overs

2. South Africa – Played against West Indies in 2007 – Made 208/2 in 17.4 Overs

3. Australia – Played against Pakistan in 2010 – Made 197/7 in 19.5 Overs

4. West Indies – Played against India in 2016 – Made 196/3 in 19.4 Overs

5. Netherlands – Played against Ireland in 2014 – Made 193/4 in 13.5 Overs

6. England – Played against Sri Lanka in 2014 – Made 190/4 in 19.2 Overs

7. West Indies – Played against England in 2016 – Made 183/4 in 18.1 Overs

England and West Indies are the two teams who have been able to chase the Highest Scores twice in the T20 World Cup matches that they played. The good batting line-up and performance was able to help them meet the scores and chase the target. Success is critical for the entire team and the majority of the stakes are placed on the batters to either make a strong record or make sure that they will be able to chase the records that is set before them.