Starc and Hazlewood’s powerplay dominance key to Australia’s ODI World Cup final entry

Mitchell Starc praises Australia’s exceptional powerplay performance, led by Josh Hazlewood, as pivotal in securing their place in the Men’s ODI World Cup final against India.

Mitchell Starc lauds Australia’s compelling start in the Men’s ODI World Cup semi-final, crediting their dominant powerplay performance, particularly by Josh Hazlewood, for steering them into the title clash against India at the Narendra Modi Stadium.

Starc emphasized the significance of their exceptional start, acknowledging the vital role played by Hazlewood in reducing South Africa to 24/4 within the initial 12 overs. The adept bowling duo’s precision and the momentum gained in the powerplay set the tone for Australia’s triumph at Eden Gardens.

Highlighting Hazlewood’s exceptional bowling, Starc praised his ability to maneuver the ball effectively, a skill reminiscent of his Test match expertise. He stressed the importance of replicating such a commanding start against India’s formidable batting lineup in the much-anticipated final clash.


Anticipating the confrontation with India, Starc acknowledged the challenge posed by India’s top-order prowess and the undefeated streak in the tournament. Reflecting on the history between both teams in prior significant matches, including the recent World Test Championship final, Starc highlighted the familiarity of both teams with high-pressure situations.

The pacer expressed excitement for the electrifying atmosphere and competitive spirit anticipated in the World Cup final, emphasizing the eagerness within the Australian team to confront the challenge and make the most of the grand occasion.