SLC clarifies and counters false allegations regarding ICC U-19 World Cup arrangements

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) refutes false accusations made by the Minister of Sports regarding the ICC Under 19 World Cup 2024 preparations. SLC assures the public of their commitment to hosting the tournament in compliance with ICC standards, addressing concerns and clarifying details around infrastructure upgrades and financial matters.

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has rebuffed what it terms as false and misleading statements made by the Minister of Sports concerning preparations for the ICC Under 19 World Cup in 2024.

In response, SLC released a statement to address the misinformation, aiming to provide accurate details about the ongoing arrangements for the prestigious event scheduled to start in January 2024.

The statement clarified that SLC is working diligently to prepare for the ICC Under 19 World Cup and is closely collaborating with the International Cricket Council (ICC) to ensure compliance with global standards.


Addressing the allegation about meeting the ICC’s rigorous standards for match venues, SLC explained that significant efforts have been made to enhance infrastructure at selected grounds. These improvements are funded by grants received from the ICC explicitly allocated for this purpose.

Regarding the installation of floodlights and associated upgrades at the Dambulla International Cricket Ground, SLC explained the project began for the Asia Cup 2023 but faced delays due to import restrictions. The project was awarded through a government-approved tender process.

Dismissing claims of spending Rs. 1.5 billion on floodlight replacements alone, SLC emphasized that financial allegations lacked substance and were intended to cause unnecessary concern among the public.

Additionally, SLC expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the Interim Committee, citing the removal of crucial project-related documents from their premises. SLC urged the immediate return of these materials and warned of legal action if not complied with.

In conclusion, SLC reiterated its commitment to good governance, transparency, and the successful hosting of the ICC Under 19 World Cup in 2024.