Rohit Sharma Stresses Plans Over Techniques for Overseas Success

Rohit Sharma underscores the importance of individual plans over techniques for India’s batters in overseas conditions, emphasizes mental toughness

After a challenging defeat in the first Test against South Africa, India’s captain, Rohit Sharma, highlighted the significance of individual plans over techniques for success in tough overseas conditions. Expressing the need for mental confidence and personalized strategies, Rohit emphasized that each batter should devise their approach based on their strengths.

The captain pointed to KL Rahul, his impressive century in the first innings as a perfect example of the right intent and adaptability in challenging conditions. Rohit stressed the importance of balancing intent, discipline, and temperament, recognizing the thin line between aggressive play and adapting to the conditions.

Acknowledging the team’s capability to bounce back, Rohit Sharma remains optimistic about India’s performance in the upcoming second Test at Cape Town, starting on January 3. Despite the challenging day, Rohit emphasized the team’s history of successful performances abroad, citing victories in Australia and draws in England, showcasing their ability to excel in different conditions.


As the skipper, Rohit emphasized his role in supporting the team during tough times, highlighting the need for unity and learning from the experiences. With confidence in the team’s potential, he expressed determination to stand together and address the challenges encountered in the first Test.