Rain Washes Out RR’ Top 2 Hopes, Sets Up RCB Eliminator Clash

It has been another week of intense cricket on the ground and the off field as we reveal 11 things we learned during Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024’s Monday washout between Rajasthan Royals (RR) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) due to persistent rain in Guwahati. This means that RR would now play against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Eliminator match that is a high-stake affair in the competition.


Heavy rain dampens Royals’ chance of fighting for the top two slot

The RR and KKR match was closely followed with weaher play hindering it; however, this matches hopes were restored after a toss was made. But later on heavy rains are all in all called off the match and the match could not be completed. Though both the teams received a point each out of that, the bigger loss was to RR more or less the same way they fared in the last three years.


Garnering 508,900 votes in the previous elections, RR, who were earlier touted favourites for the number one and two slots managed to get a major blow with the washout. A run of four games on the bounce gave them a fragile stand on the ladder. If they won against KKR, a possibility of securing a top two finish and along with it the insurance of a double header chance in the playoffs over to the finals was on offer for them.


Nilkamal KKR Cruises into the Qualifier 1

However, it was not much of an issue to KKR as they were now its largely unaffected by the washout. Having retained their position in the no. 1 spot of the points table, they are now set to square off against the Sunrises Hyderabad (SRH) in the first qualifier scheduled for May 21, held in Ahmedabad. Their victory in this qualifier will grant them the right to play in the final of the Indian Premiere League which is in 2024.


 Royals Reach the Crucial Do-or-Die Stage against RCB

There is now yet one final face-off, the Eliminator match with RCB scheduled for May 22nd also in Ahmedabad, to determine the fate of RR. Eis this is a loser bracket battle, so whoever loses the fight is out of the tournament, and whoever wins goes on to the Qualifier 2.

Concerns for Royals’ Momentum

The rain that on this day washed out the pitch could not have come at a worse time for RR. Their recent performances have clearly seen their spirit crushed by defeats, and this means the absence of a proper warm-up friendly match that could help get back on form will not help them much. Chasing a spirited Royals side, which has usually been unstoppable this season, will be a rather tall order especially considering that RCB is coming from a six-match winning streak.


High-Stakes Clash Awaits

The next move to Eliminator stage means RR and RCB are in position to stage an interesting match. Two teams have powerful batting line-ups and aggressive bowling line-ups; both are aggressive with the willow and fast with the ball. The match between RR and RCB will aim high for victory, RR will try their level best to emerge themselves as a fighting contender while RCB will keep their eye on a a victory and Qualifier 2 spot. Said showdown will put the deserving team in an excellent position to be crowned the IPL champion in 2024.