PBKS players who can be strong competitors in front of RR

In this article, we have mentioned the information related to the PBKS players who can be strong competitors in front of RR in the PBKS vs RR match.

PBKS vs RR are set for an exciting match in the IPL 2024. PBKS need a win to boost their chances of making it to the playoffs as they’re currently at the bottom of the points table. RR, on the other hand, has a solid team with good players in all areas. But PBKS shouldn’t be underestimated. They have some star players who can turn the game around on their own. Let’s take a closer look at these PBKS players who could give RR a tough time.

Top Contenders in the PBKS Squad:

  • Shikhar Dhawan (Captain & Batsman): Shikhar Dhawan is the captain and key batsman for PBKS, is like the rock of their batting lineup. His years of experience and knack for scoring big runs at the start of the innings are super important for PBKS. In the last IPL season, he scored a whopping 461 runs at a speedy strike rate of 133.33. His form is going to be crucial for PBKS’ chances in this match against RR. Facing RR’s bowlers won’t be easy, but Dhawan’s experience in handling both swing and spin will come in handy. He’ll need to tackle Trent Boult’s early threats and use his footwork skills to handle Yuzvendra Chahal’s tricky variations in PBKS vs RR.
  • Jonny Bairstow (Wicket-keeper Batsman): Jonny Bairstow is the dynamic wicket-keeper batsman from England, is famous for his explosive batting and his talent for dismantling bowling attacks. Although he narrowly missed out on a big score in the previous match against Sunrisers Hyderabad, Bairstow’s ability to change the game quickly is well-known. When facing RR, his strategy will be crucial. Bairstow will aim to capitalize on the early overs when fielding restrictions are in place. His aggressive batting style will be a threat to bowlers like Prasidh Krishna and potentially Kuldeep Yadav, if he’s playing. Bairstow’s powerful hitting could be the key to PBKS posting a formidable total on the scoreboard.
  • Liam Livingstone (All-rounder): Liam Livingstone is the dynamic all-rounder from England, brings a complete package to the table with his powerful batting, crafty leg-spin bowling, and exceptional fielding skills. While he hasn’t yet exploded in IPL 2024, his potential to change the game on his own is undeniable. Facing RR, Livingstone’s aggressive batting during the middle overs poses a significant threat, especially against spinners like Riyan Parag. Additionally, his leg-spin bowling adds another dimension to his game, which could be handy against RR’s strong batting lineup.
  • Kagiso Rabada (Fast Bowler): Kagiso Rabada is the pace spearhead from South Africa, adds express pace and accuracy to PBKS’s bowling attack. His knack for taking early wickets and keeping the runs in check during the death overs makes him a vital asset. Against RR’s formidable top order featuring players like Jos Buttler and Sanju Samson, Rabada’s pace and ability to swing the ball will be crucial. He’ll look to target the in-form Buttler early and utilize his yorkers effectively in the death overs to put a lid on RR’s scoring rate.
  • Arshdeep Singh (Fast Bowler): Arshdeep Singh is the talented young Indian fast bowler, has caught the eye with his ability to swing the ball and deliver pinpoint yorkers. His knack for taking wickets in the powerplay overs could be just what PBKS needs to get early breakthroughs. Facing RR, Arshdeep will look to exploit the swing available at the Mullanpur stadium and put pressure on batsmen like Jaiswal and Samson right from the start. Moreover, his skill in nailing yorkers during the death overs could play a vital role in containing RR’s batting firepower towards the end of the innings.


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Potential X-Factors:

  • Shashank Singh: Shashank Singh is the emerging young opening batsman, has showcased his fearless strokeplay in the chances he’s got. A significant innings from him at the start of the innings could give PBKS a strong momentum and unsettle RR. His capability to take on RR’s fast bowlers, particularly during the powerplay overs, could be a decisive factor in the match. If he gets going, he has the potential to change the game’s dynamics and put RR under pressure right from the beginning.
  • Harpreet Singh: Harpreet Singh is the left-handed middle-order batsman, brings a good balance to the PBKS batting lineup. His skill in rotating the strike and finding boundaries is essential, especially if the top order fails to deliver. Facing RR’s spinners, Harpreet’s ability to play along the ground and maneuver the ball into the gaps could be invaluable. In the middle overs, when the run rate needs a boost or wickets have fallen, his contribution can stabilize the innings and keep the scoreboard ticking.
  • Rahul Chahar: Rahul Chahar is the talented young leg-spinner, has garnered attention with his precise control and knack for picking up crucial wickets. With Yuzvendra Chahal presenting a formidable challenge for PBKS batsmen, Rahul Chahar could emerge as a crucial asset in neutralizing RR’s spin attack. His repertoire, including well-disguised googlies and flighted deliveries, can pose difficulties for established batsmen like Sanju Samson and Jos Buttler. Utilizing his variations smartly, Chahar could play a pivotal role in putting pressure on RR’s batting lineup and turning the tide in PBKS’s favor.

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Home Advantage:

Playing at home indeed offers significant advantages in the IPL. For PBKS, leveraging their home ground advantage against RR can be pivotal for securing a win. Here’s how they can make the most of it:

  • Understanding the pitch at the Maharaja Yadavindra Singh International Cricket Stadium in Mullanpur is crucial for PBKS to make the most of their home advantage. Known for its batting-friendly nature, the pitch offers an excellent opportunity for PBKS batsmen, particularly Dhawan and Bairstow, to thrive. With this knowledge in mind, Dhawan and Bairstow can play to their strengths and unleash their natural strokeplay from the outset. They should look to take calculated risks, target the boundaries, and keep the scoreboard ticking with effective rotation of the strike. By doing so, they can lay a solid foundation for the middle and lower-order batsmen to capitalize on later in the innings.
  • The PBKS bowlers, led by pacers like Rabada and Arshdeep, hold a significant advantage with their intimate understanding of the swing and bounce dynamics of the Mullanpur pitch, a knowledge gained from playing on their home ground. This familiarity enables them to bowl with precision, consistently hitting the right areas and exploiting any movement available. Armed with this insight, they can strategically set up the RR batsmen for dismissals by employing a mix of well-directed deliveries and clever variations. By leveraging their understanding of the pitch conditions, the PBKS bowlers aim to keep the RR batting lineup under pressure and play a crucial role in securing victory for their team.
  • The PBKS management, equipped with insights into RR’s batting vulnerabilities, can formulate tailored bowling strategies to exploit them effectively. For instance, recognizing Jos Buttler’s susceptibility to short deliveries, they may opt to target him with early bouncers to unsettle his rhythm. Similarly, they could set traps for Sanju Samson by introducing spin bowling early and enticing him into making risky strokes. Leveraging their understanding of the home conditions, the PBKS think tank aims to dynamically adapt their bowling plans, ensuring they capitalize on the pitch dynamics and exploit specific batsmen’s weaknesses. This strategic approach could serve as a decisive factor in tilting the game in favor of PBKS.
  • Playing at their home ground gives PBKS the opportunity to dictate the tempo of the match and establish dominance early on. They can adopt an aggressive approach from the outset, aiming to put RR under pressure right from the start. Sustaining momentum throughout the innings will be key, and PBKS can capitalize on small victories such as taking early wickets or forging crucial partnerships. By maintaining control over the atmosphere and setting the tone for the match, PBKS can maximize their chances of securing a victory against RR.


The impending showdown of PBKS vs RR is poised to deliver a gripping spectacle. While RR may hold the edge in form, PBKS possesses the tools to spring a surprise, particularly if they leverage their home advantage and harness the talents of their key players. With a positive mindset and a keen awareness of the pitch conditions, PBKS can mount a formidable challenge. By adeptly exploiting RR’s vulnerabilities and rallying their strengths, PBKS has the potential to shift the momentum in their favor and emerge triumphant, igniting celebrations among their fervent home crowd.