Pakistan Records: Most runs for Pakistan in ODI matches

Pakistan has produced numerous talented batters in ODI, so let’s check out the top 10 leading scorers in this format for Pakistan.

One-Day Internationals (ODIs) stand as the heartbeat of Pakistani cricket, serving as the stage for exhilarating contests, memorable instances, and an abundance of runs. Throughout the years, Pakistan has witnessed the emergence of remarkable batsmen who have left an indelible mark in the annals of cricket history, crafting a legacy marked by power, finesse, and unwavering consistency. This expedition delves into the narratives of those individuals who have ascended to the pinnacle of Pakistani ODI run-scoring, unraveling the tales of their cricketing journeys and the enchanting moments they conjured on the field.

The narrative of Pakistani ODIs unfolds as a captivating saga, enriched by the prowess and achievements of its top run-scorers. These cricketers, through their remarkable performances, have not only amassed runs but have also become architects of enduring memories and iconic moments. The exploration of their stories offers insights into the challenges they faced, the resilience they displayed, and the unique styles that set them apart. As we navigate through the history of Pakistani cricket, we encounter the essence of each batsman’s contribution to the nation’s cricketing heritage, highlighting the intricate blend of skill, determination, and flair that defines the country’s ODI legacy. The journey to the summit of Pakistani ODI runs becomes a tribute to these cricketing maestros, acknowledging their impact on the sport and the lasting impressions they have left on the cricketing landscape.

Players  Span  matches Runs highest Average  100 50
Inzamam-ul-Haq 1991-2007 375 11701 137* 39.53 10 83
Mohammad Yousuf 1998-2010 281 9554 141* 42.08 15 62
Saeed Anwar 1989-2003 247 8824 194 39.21 20 43
Shahid Afridi 1996-2015 393 8027 124 23.81 6 39
Shoaib Malik 1999-2019 287 7534 143 34.55 9 44
Javed Miandad 1975-1996 233 7381 119* 41.70 8 50
Younis Khan 2000-2015 265 7249 144 31.24 7 48
Saleem Malik 1982-1999 283 7170 102 32.88 5 47
Mohammad Hafeez 2003-2019 218 6614 140* 32.90 11 38
Ijaz Ahmed 1986-2000 250 6564 139* 32.33 10 37



Pakistan Records: Most runs for Pakistan in ODI matches

The embodiment of beauty and class, Inzamam’s 11,701 runs at a normal of 39.51 slime tastefulness. His delicate flicks through the leg-side defied explanation, while his languid back-foot drive was a sight to behold. He was an expert at pacing his innings, working towards fabulous finales that frequently saw him lead Pakistan to triumph. Inzamam’s excursion from a crude ability to a batting mammoth demonstrates his persistent quest for personal growth. His 263-run partnership with Aamer Sohail against New Zealand in 1994 remains the second most noteworthy ODI score for any wicket. 

His unbeaten 137 runs against New Zealand in Austral Asia Cup 1994 is the best score of Inzmam-ul-Haq. 

Mohammad Yousuf 

Pakistan Records: Most runs for Pakistan in ODI matches

A delayed prodigy who opposed the show, Yousuf ordered 9554 runs at a normal of 42.08. His strange batting style, set apart by a high backlift and offbeat strokes, at first confronted analysis. However, Yousuf’s unwavering faith in his abilities paid off, as he became a prolific run scorer, with his late-career resurgence being especially remarkable. A testament to the power of conviction in shaping cricketers’ destinies, his story is one of perseverance and self-belief.

In 2002 he scored 141 not out against Zimbabwe in Queens Sports Club which is the highest score of Mohammad Yousuf in ODIs.

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Saeed Anwar

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An initial batsman who reclassified hostility, Anwar amassed 8824 runs at a strike pace of 80.67. In his career, his explosive batting, exemplified by the enduring “Anwar Scoop,” revolutionized ODI batting. His partnership with Azhar Mahmood, whose daring strokeplay left a trail of shattered bowling figures, was feared across continents. Anwar’s unfavorable destruction remains a void, yet his heritage as a valiant opener who blossomed with bedlam keeps on rousing.

His 194 against India in Independence Cup 1997 is still the second-highest score for Pakistan in ODI after Fakhar Zaman’s only double century. 

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Shahid Afridi 

Pakistan Records: Most runs for Pakistan in ODI matches
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Shahid Afridi, a moniker befitting his hazardous batting and searing character, sat in fourth place with a stunning 8027 runs. His profession was a hurricane of sixes, nervy scoops, and unconventional shots, frequently played under enormous strain. A demonstration of his capacity to destroy bowling assaults with savage power. Afridi’s commitment reaches out past his runs; his magnetic initiative and valiant way of dealing with the game motivated an age of young people to embrace the force of hitting.

He smashed 124 runs in just 60 balls against Bangladesh in the 2010 Asia Cup which is his highest score in this format, in 1996 he became the fastest ODI centurion after scoring a ton against Sri Lanka in 37 deliveries. That record lasted till 2014 when Kiwi all-rounder Corey Anderson broke the record by hitting 36 ball century. 

Shoaib Malik 

Pakistan Records: Most runs for Pakistan in ODI matches
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Malik is a batsman who is both destructive and visually appealing. His 7,534 runs in 287 games demonstrate a combination of grace and muscle. His cover drives are verse moving, while his late-innings cudgels leave bowlers puzzled. His143 against India in the Asia Cup in 2004 exemplified his capacity to perform at the highest level.

Javed Miandad

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Miandad was a legend whose very presence defined class; his mastery transcended genres. In ODIs, his 7,381 runs in 233 games are a demonstration of his versatility, whether securing pursues with determined accuracy or attacking bowling assaults with unrestrained hostility. His 8 centuries, including a stupendous 119* against India in 1982 stand as timeless landmarks to his batting ability.

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Younis Khan 

A phoenix coming back to life, Younis’ 7,249 runs in 265 games are a demonstration of his faithful versatility. Discounted from the get-go in his vocation, he reevaluated himself as an achieved, intellectually extreme batsman. In the 2008 Asia Cup, his unbeaten 123 against India was a fairytale return to the top.

Saleem Malik

Saleem Malik’s ODI career was defined by his composure and calmness, making him the epitome of grit and determination. He has 7,170 runs in 283 games with an average of 32.88, he made five centuries and 47 half-centuries in his ODI career.  His 102 against India and Sri Lanka in the 1989 and 1992 T20 World Cup last exhibited his capacity to perform under tension. Saleem Malik and his role as a batsman established him as a legend in Pakistani cricketing history.

Mohammad Hafeez

Pakistan Records: Most runs for Pakistan in ODI matches

A multi-layered cricketer, Hafeez has contributed 6614 runs in 218 matches with an average of 32.90 and 10 centuries. His exquisite cover drives and strong late-request hitting make him an important resource. His capacity to contribute with convenient wickets adds further aspects to his game. His unbeaten 140 vs Sri Lanka in 2013 is the highest score of Mohammad Hafeez in ODI setup. 

Ijaz Ahmad

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One of the most underrated batters in Pakistan’s history, Ijaz Ahmed, has played 250 ODI matches between 1986 to 2000, scoring 6564 runs at an average of 32.33 with 10 triple-digit scores.  He has taken five wickets also in his ODI career. His highest score 139* came against India at Gaddafi Stadium. His elegant stroke-play and tactical acumen have bailed Pakistan out on numerous occasions.