Narayan Singh Stadium Faces Problem in India-Australia T20

Explore the challenges faced by Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh Stadium in Raipur as electricity woes cast a shadow over the India-Australia T20 clash.

The Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh Stadium in Raipur, the chosen battleground for the upcoming fourth T20I clash between India and Australia, finds itself grappling with an unexpected adversary—electricity scarcity in certain sections, as per recent reports.

Five years ago, the stadium faced a blackout as its electricity connection was severed due to an outstanding bill amounting to 3.16 crore, according to NDTV Sports. To address the immediate concern, the Chhattisgarh State Cricket Association sought a temporary link, which was granted. However, this temporary connection extends only to the boxes and spectator gallery, leaving the rest of the stadium in the dark.

As the much-anticipated match unfolds today, the organizers are compelled to resort to a generator to power the floodlights, ensuring the event proceeds seamlessly despite the power challenges.


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The power predicament at the stadium is not a recent revelation. In 2018, participants in a half-marathon were taken aback when they discovered the stadium’s lack of electricity. Investigations revealed that the pending electricity bill now escalated to 3.16 crore, had not been settled since 2009.

Currently, the temporary connection can handle 200 KV, but plans for upgrading it to 1,000 KV have been authorized, though the implementation is yet to commence.

Despite multiple notifications from the electrical company urging the Public Works Department (PWD) and Sports Department to settle outstanding balances, the dues remain unpaid. Since the abrupt disconnection of power in 2018, the stadium has hosted three international cricket matches, navigating the challenges posed by the persistent electricity issue.