MS Dhoni’s Top 10 Game-Changing Decisions in Cricket

Explore the top 10 strategic decisions by MS Dhoni, the cricket mastermind, that shaped India’s success in the cricketing world.

MS Dhoni, a cricket legend known for his astute captaincy, made several pivotal decisions that defined India’s cricketing success. Here are the “Top 10 Best Decisions by MS Dhoni”:

1. The Bolt-Like Run-Out That Sealed Victory Over Bangladesh

Facing a tight situation against Bangladesh, Dhoni’s lightning-fast run-out decision secured a stunning win for India. Rather than a direct hit, he sprinted towards the stumps, reminiscent of Usain Bolt, and dislodged the bails to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.


2. Ishant Sharma’s Unexpected Heroics in the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy Final

In a rain-affected final, Dhoni’s bold move was to entrust Ishant Sharma with the 18th over. Surprisingly, Ishant delivered by dismissing two key English batsmen, turning the game in India’s favor, resulting in a nail-biting five-run win.

3. The Controversial ODI Exclusion of Ganguly and Dravid

Dhoni’s decision to exclude the iconic duo of Ganguly and Dravid from ODIs surprised many. He prioritized younger, agile fielders, emphasizing fielding prowess alongside batting and bowling skills.

4. Entrusting Joginder Sharma in the 2007 T20 World Cup Final

MS Dhoni‘s choice of Joginder Sharma for the final over in the 2007 T20 World Cup raised eyebrows. With 13 runs needed from six balls, Joginder delivered, forcing Misbah to play an ill-fated scoop shot, leading to India’s historic win.

5. A Bowl-Out Gambit Against Pakistan in the 2007 World Cup

In a bowl-out against Pakistan, Dhoni chose unconventional bowlers like Uthappa and Harbhajan Singh, who hit the stumps successfully, while Pakistan’s top bowlers faltered. Dhoni’s strategy favored spinners over pacers in this unique contest.

6. Nurturing Ravindra Jadeja’s All-Round Skills

Dhoni’s unwavering support for Jadeja helped him become a top fielder and valuable all-rounder for Team India. His contributions with both bat and ball have been significant.

7. Backing R Ashwin as India’s Leading Spinner

Dhoni’s faith in Ashwin during his struggles eventually led to Ashwin becoming a mainstay in the Indian team, participating in numerous ICC tournaments.

8. Elevating Rohit Sharma to an Opener’s Role

Dhoni’s decision to promote Rohit Sharma as an opener in 2013 transformed Rohit’s career. Rohit’s exceptional performances, including three ODI double centuries, earned him the captaincy of India in all formats.

9. Persisting with Virat Kohli Despite Initial Struggles

Dhoni’s belief in Virat Kohli, even during lean spells, paid off as Kohli evolved into one of India’s greatest batters, defying early doubts.

10. Fostering Rohit Sharma’s Talent

Dhoni recognized Rohit Sharma’s potential and consistently backed him, leading to Rohit’s record-breaking achievements, including the highest individual ODI score of 264. Today, Rohit Sharma is a former captain of India, a testament to Dhoni’s foresight.