MS Dhoni’s Golf Game with Ex-President Donald Trump During USA Vacation

MS Dhoni enjoys a round of golf with former President Donald Trump during his USA vacation, creating a buzz among fans and cricket enthusiasts.

Chennai Super Kings’ stalwart, MS Dhoni, is currently savoring a well-deserved vacation in the United States of America (USA). During his sojourn across the Atlantic, the former India captain received a special invitation from none other than the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, to partake in a friendly game of golf. This unique encounter led to a memorable photograph featuring Dhoni and Trump clad in golfing attire, alongside three other individuals, all captured in a viral image.

Witness Dhoni’s memorable encounter with Trump through the viral photo and accompanying video below:


Donald Trump Extends a Golf Invitation to MS Dhoni!!

Even after his retirement, MS Dhoni Continues to Shine as a Cricket Icon Worldwide

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According to reports, it was Trump who extended the golfing invitation to Dhoni. Although Dhoni’s visit to the USA was initially perceived as a leisurely vacation, there may be more to the story. Fans have taken to social media, suggesting that the ‘Thala Fever’ (referring to Dhoni’s nickname) has now reached the shores of the USA. Subsequently, a video surfaced featuring Dhoni skillfully targeting a golf hole with Trump observing his every move.

One enthusiast shared their excitement on X: “Donald Trump extended an invitation for a golf game to MS Dhoni. Yes, Donald Trump is also a fan of biopics. MS Dhoni continues to be a global cricket icon even after his retirement.”

On September 6, Dhoni made a public appearance at the Arthur Ashe Stadium to spectate a thrilling tennis match between men’s singles quarterfinalists, Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev. Seated directly behind the players’ section, a viral video showcased MSD (as Dhoni is affectionately known) sharing a hearty laugh while relishing an enthralling tennis encounter.

Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that Trump is currently facing his fourth criminal indictment. As reported by CBS News, he is grappling with a total of 91 criminal charges stemming from these four cases. It is essential to recall that he stands as the first president, either in office or past, to confront criminal charges in the annals of United States history. Trump ceded power to his successor in January 2021 and is harboring aspirations to stage a political comeback as a presidential candidate in 2024. However, a clean slate devoid of criminal charges stands as a prerequisite for his political ambitions.

As for Dhoni, he will soon be returning to India, sparking anticipation among fans regarding his decision pertaining to the Indian Premier League (IPL). After clinching his fifth IPL title in 2023, Dhoni announced that he had not retired from the league and would deliberate on his participation in IPL 2024.