Most wickets by players in the entire ODI World Cup 2023

In this article, we have mentioned the player who has taken the most wickets by players in the entire ODI World Cup 2023.

The ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 has been held between ten teams from which only 4 teams made it possible to qualify to the semi-finals. And bowlers of all teams have played a vital role by providing their strength to take the wickets of the opponents with their unbeatable skills and strategies. Today, in this article, we have mentioned the best bowlers of World Cup 2023 with the number of wickets taken by them. 

10. Bas De Leede (Netherland)

Bas de Leede, the left-arm bowler, grabbed 16 wickets in 9 games in the ODI World Cup 2023. His steady bowling style and skill to swing the ball in different directions made him a tough opponent. He played a big part in the Netherlands’ good performance, helping them reach the Super League stage. De Leede’s knack for taking wickets and his overall role in the team played a key role in their success.


9. Mitchell Santner (New Zealand)

Mitchell Santner, the left-arm spinner from New Zealand, stood out in the Cricket World Cup 2023 by taking 16 wickets in 10 matches. He is well known for his bowling and ability for taking wickets, he played a crucial role in the Kiwi bowling lineup. Santner’s skill in controlling the run rate and picking up wickets at important moments made him a key player for New Zealand. His performance significantly contributed to the team’s success in the tournament, expressing his importance as a dependable bowler in critical situations.

8. Ravindra Jadeja (India) 

Ravindra Jadeja, the left-arm spinner from India, has consistent wicket-taking skills, securing 16 wickets across 10 matches in the Cricket World Cup 2023. He is known for his spin mastery, his ability to make the ball move in different directions adds an important turn of his game. Beyond his bowling skill, he proved to be a valuable all-rounder by contributing significantly with the bat and displaying precise fielding. His accurate fielding made a difference, while his batting performances added to his overall impact on the team. He plays a pivotal role in their campaign during the tournament and his effectiveness as a well-rounded cricketer.

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7. Marco Jansen (South Africa) 

Jansen is a South African left-arm pacer, who turned heads by taking 17 wickets in just 8 matches In the Cricket World Cup 2023. His tall height, ability for creating bounce and pace, and precise yorkers made him a challenging bowler for opponents. Jansen’s impressive performance shows his skills as a rising star in the bowling department, contributing significantly to South Africa’s campaign in the tournament. His ability to trouble batsmen with his height, bounce, and accuracy highlights his potential as a formidable force on the cricket field.

6. Shaheen Afridi (Pakistan)

Shaheen Afridi, the Pakistani fast bowler who secured 18 wickets in 9 matches in the Cricket World Cup 2023. His tall build, capacity to bowl with both speed and swing, and his dangerous yorker established him as a powerful force in the bowling department. Afridi’s exceptional performance expresses his skill and impact, contributing significantly to Pakistan’s success during the tournament. His combination of height, pace, and precision made him a threat for batsmen, he was expressed as a key player in the team’s bowling lineup.

5. Gerald Coetzee (South Africa)

Gerald Coetzee, the all-rounder from South Africa, has shown his talent by making a significant impact in the Cricket World Cup 2023. Playing in 7 matches, he contributed with both bat and ball, grabbing 18 wickets. Coetzee’s right- arm medium pace and skill in swinging the ball in different directions made him a key player in South Africa’s bowling lineups. His all- rounder performance highlighted his versatility and effectiveness, playing a crucial role in the team’s success during the tournament. Coetzee’s ability to take wickets and add depth to the bowling attack made him a valuable asset for South Africa.

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4. Jasprit Bumrah (India) 

Jasprit Bumrah, India’s top-notch fast bowler, kept up his fantastic performance in the World Cup, grabbing 18 wickets in 10 matches. Known for his speed, and skill in delivering yorkers and slower balls, he consistently posed a challenge for batsmen. Bumrah’s accuracy and versatile bowling style played a vital role in India’s campaign, his effectiveness in taking wickets and controlling the game. His ability to mix up deliveries with pace and spot-on yorkers established him as a constant threat, highlighting his importance as a key player in the bowling lineup.

3. Dilshan Madhushanka (Sri Lanka)

Dilshan Madushanka is the left-arm pacer from Sri Lanka, who amazed everyone by taking an impressive 21 wickets in 9 matches during the Cricket World Cup. His versatility in bowling with both seam and swing, combined with his skill in delivering short balls, marked him as a dangerous bowler. Madushanka’s surprising performance expresses his effectiveness in taking wickets and added a dynamic element to Sri Lanka’s bowling attack. His ability to mix up deliveries and pose different challenges to batsmen highlighted his role as a key player in the team’s success during the tournament.

2. Adam Zampa (Australia)

Adam Zampa, the leg-spinner from Australia, had a remarkable Cricket World Cup, taking 22 wickets in 9 matches. His skills for tricking batsmen with his flight and spin made him a challenging opponent. Zampa played a crucial role in Australia’s journey to the semi-finals, expressing his effectiveness in the bowling department. His ability to create difficulties for batsmen with his deliveries mentions his significance in the team’s success during the tournament. Zampa’s impressive wicket-taking performance contributed significantly to Australia’s strong campaign, making him a standout performer and a key asset in their quest for success.

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1. Mohammed Shami (India) 

Mohammed Shami stood out as the top wicket-taker in the 2023 Cricket World Cup, securing an impressive 23 wickets in only 6 matches. His steady swing and precise accuracy posed a significant challenge for batsmen on the opposing teams. Shami played a key part in India’s campaign, using his bowling skills to great effect. His consistent ability to swing the ball and hit the target made him a major threat, contributing immensely to India’s success in the tournament. Shami’s outstanding performance showcased his importance as a leading force in the team’s bowling lineup.


From the above article, it is concluded that these 10 players have achieved the most wickets in this ODI world cup 2023.