List of winners of the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup awards

In this article, we have mentioned information related to the list of winners of the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup awards in detail.

The ICC U19 Cricket World Cup 2024 was one of the best tournaments as Australia won in a final against India. The best moments included Kwena Maphaka’s record-breaking bowling for South Africa and Musheer Khan’s impressive double century for India. The tournament had matches, surprises from underdogs like Ireland and Zimbabwe, and lots of high-scoring games. We will see the winners of the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup.

Player of the Tournament

Kwena Maphaka was crowned the Player of the Tournament at the 2024 ICC U19 Cricket World Cup.  He was the standout bowler throughout, taking an impressive 21 wickets in just 6 matches. His bowling average of 9.71 was the second-best in tournament history. While he missed the record of 22 wickets, his impact on the South African bowling attack and their eventual victory was undeniable which earned him the Player of the Tournament title.


Player of the Match in the Final

Mahli Beardman is a young pace bowler from Australia who bagged the Player of the Final award at the 2024 ICC U19 World Cup. His phenomenal spell of 3 wickets for just 15 runs in 7 overs during India’s chase, crippled their batting early on. He dismissed key players like Uday Saharan and Musheer Khan, putting Australia in a strong position to secure the championship victory. 

Highest Run Scorer

In the ICC U19 World Cup 2024, Uday Saharan stood from India is out as the top run-scorer. He scored 397 runs in 6 innings, with an average of 56.71 runs per time he got out. He played well by hitting a century against Nepal and contributing to India reaching the final. 

Most Wickets

Kwena Maphaka from South Africa emerged as the champion wicket-taker. He bagged 21 wickets in just 6 matches with an impressive average of 9.71 runs per wicket. His consistent pace and three five-wicket hauls throughout the tournament proved decisive which earned him not only the most wickets title but also the prestigious Player of the Tournament award.

Most Sixes

Steve Stolk from South Africa was the big six-hitter. He smashed the ball over the boundary 12 times in only 6 innings. Despite South Africa not winning the trophy, his powerful hitting made a lasting impression that intimidated bowlers. Musheer Khan and Sachin Dhas from India also hit some sixes, but his record-breaking performance stood out as the most impressive in the tournament.

Highest Individual Score

Overall Tournament: Snehith Reddy from New Zealand recorded the highest individual score who slammed an unbeaten 147 runs against Nepal. His aggressive yet controlled batting was shown in just 125 balls.

Final Match: Harjas Singh of Australia played a crucial role by contributing 55 runs against India. This innings was vital in setting a strong foundation for Australia’s eventual victory.

Best Bowling Figures

Tazeem Chaudry Ali of England has been awarded as best bowling figures. He achieved this feat in a match against Zimbabwe, where he took a staggering 7 wickets for just 29 runs in his spell. This performance not only helped England win the match but it also stood as the best bowling performance throughout the entire tournament.

Most Hundreds

Musheer Khan is a young Indian batsman who claimed the title for most hundreds. He impressed everyone with two phenomenal century scores. While other players like Uday Saharan (India) and Snehith Reddy (New Zealand) scored one hundred each, his double accomplishment secured him the top spot. 


In summary, the 2024 ICC U19 Cricket World Cup was exciting with moments like Kwena Maphaka bowled amazingly, and Mahli Beardman rocked the final. Uday Saharan scored lots of runs, Steve Stolk hit big sixes, and Musheer Khan made two fantastic centuries. These are the winners of the ICC U19 Cricket World Cup