KL Rahul Opens Up on Injury Struggles Ahead of ODI World Cup

KL Rahul reflects on his challenging recovery from a thigh injury, sharing his journey back to form and fitness ahead of the ODI World Cup.

India’s wicketkeeper-batter, KL Rahul, shared insights into his challenging journey of recovering from a right thigh injury and making a remarkable comeback before the ODI World Cup. Rahul, who underwent surgery after the injury during an IPL 2023 match, initially believed it was impossible to return in time for the World Cup.

Speaking on Star Sports ‘Believe’ series, Rahul revealed, “During all of this time, I knew there was pressure to come back, but I had such a bad event that happened in my life that everything else seemed smaller compared to tearing your quadriceps and going through surgery.”

KL Rahul expressed uncertainty about making it to the World Cup, considering the five-month recovery period specified by the surgeon. However, his successful comeback during the Asia Cup 2023 and recent impactful performances in the ODI series against South Africa showcased his resilience and determination.


The 31-year-old, who plays for Karnataka in first-class cricket, discussed the challenges of wicketkeeping in a 50-over game, emphasizing the physical demands it imposes. He acknowledged the support of head coach Rahul Dravid, with their discussions primarily focused on managing energy and optimizing batting impact.

Regarding the pressure of making DRS calls, Rahul shared, “It feels like 50 percent luck and 50 percent experience. Being in the right position at the right time is crucial. It’s a lot of pressure to make a call within 15 seconds, but Rohit (Sharma) is understanding and supportive. Even if there are errors, he understands the circumstances and encourages confidence in decision-making.”

KL Rahul’s journey from injury to impactful performances highlights his resilience and commitment to contributing to the Indian team’s success, both behind the stumps and with the bat.