Kemar Roach advises rising star Shamar Joseph: “Build Your Own Legacy”

West Indies bowler Kemar Roach advises Shamar Joseph to carve out his own legacy in red-ball cricket amidst the challenges of franchise cricket. Roach, a mentor figure, emphasizes defining long-term goals for sustained success.

West Indies pace bowler Kemar Roach has imparted valuable advice to emerging talent Shamar Joseph, urging him to “build his own legacy” in red-ball cricket amid the growing landscape of franchise cricket. Joseph, making a sensational Test debut in Adelaide, impressed with a first-ball dismissal of Steven Smith and a five-wicket haul (5 for 94), showcasing promising batting skills that hinted at a higher batting order position than his current No. 11 spot.

Roach, a seasoned campaigner with 80 Test caps, recognizes the potential distractions that success can bring, particularly for a rising star like Joseph. Serving as a senior figure in the West Indies’ bowling attack, Roach emphasized the importance of defining one’s goals in cricket, whether they revolve around financial rewards, statistical achievements, or personal growth.

Offering advice to ESPNcricinfo, Roach stated, “The best advice I can give him is to build his own legacy. Understand what you want from cricket. That’s up to him to determine, if it’s monetary, or if it’s just stats and statistics or whatever. There’s going to be a lot of distractions… he’s a hot commodity right now. So he needs to choose what he really wants and what he thinks is best for his career going forward. So it’s up to him, as a young man, but I definitely give him that advice.”


Roach, having benefited from mentorship early in his career, has embraced the role of a mentor himself, ready to guide Joseph through the challenges that lie ahead.

Reflecting on his own experiences, Roach said, “I had that when I started. Jerome Taylor, Daren Powell, Fidel Edwards (were) some guys around to help me when I started my career. I took knowledge and learning from it. So obviously for me now, it’s all about passing on the mantle now to the youngsters. He’s got a very good career ahead of him. At this stage, he’s willing to learn. We have a lot of conversations. So, I think once he keeps doing that, not just coming from me but anyone who he thinks can help him in his career, he can take a lot of knowledge on board and become a better cricketer.”

Acknowledging the challenges of bowling in Australia with 10 wickets at 77.90 from eight matches against Australia, Roach expressed his love for the challenge of facing top-notch batsmen. Adopting a day-by-day approach to his Test career, Roach remains open to contributing more to the red-ball format.

“As a bowler coming to Australia, you are bowling against some of the best batters in the world, so there is always a good challenge,” he said. “I love a good challenge. I have lived for that my whole career so for me coming here is just about expressing yourself, enjoying and relishing the moment and giving it a good go. Be confident in yourself and your skills and let’s see how the day goes for you.”