IPL 2024 Confirmed: Chairman Arun Dhumal Announces March End Kick-Off in India

IPL 2024 gears up for an India kickoff at the end of March, confirms Chairman Arun Dhumal. Details to be announced post-confirmation of election dates.

Arun Singh Dhumal, the chairman of the Indian Premier League (IPL), clarified on Wednesday that the 2024 edition of the league is set to commence at the end of March in India. The fixtures, however, will be announced once the dates for the general elections are confirmed.

“We will work with the Indian government, and agencies to make sure that the league takes place in India. We are waiting for the schedule of the general election to be announced and then we will plan accordingly…like which state will host what game at the time of the election will be planned that way,” shared Arun Dhumal with IANS.

In response to inquiries about a tentative date for the IPL, Dhumal stated, “It (IPL) will most likely start from March end… and general elections are in April, so we will work it out with the help of the government.”


With ten teams vying for the coveted trophy, the IPL 2024 is anticipated to feature a total of 74 matches. The schedule may be split into two phases to accommodate India’s general elections, which are scheduled during the same period.IPL2024

Earlier speculations hinted at the possibility of IPL 2024 taking place outside India due to the Lok Sabha elections. However, the latest announcement by Arun Dhumal assures fans that the league will stay true to its Indian roots, with the excitement set to unfold at the end of March.