Indian Cricket Team’s Top 10 Best Test Scores

Explore India’s remarkable Test cricket history with the highest scores ever recorded. From Chennai to Sydney, relive their finest moments.

There is no question that India’s current team is among the finest in the world across all formats. They are also one of the top two teams in red-ball cricket. That is why they dominated test cricket in the last decade, both at home and away. As a result, India was one of two teams to qualify for the inaugural World Test Championship cycle in 2021.

However, they were defeated in the final by New Zealand, but their total performance was unquestionably the greatest among all teams.

In this article, we shall look at India’s top scores in Test cricket history. Notably, the biggest test total in history was achieved against India.


Opponent Score Overs Place and Date
England 759/7d 190.4 Chennai

16 December 2016

Sri Lanka 726/9d 163.3 Brabourne

2 December 2009

Sri Lanka 707 225.2 Colombo

26 July 2010

Australia 705/7d 187.3 Sydney

2 January 2004

Bangladesh 687/6d 166.0 Hyderabad

9 February 2017

Sri Lanka 676/7d 167.1 Kanpur

17 December 1986

Pakistan 675/5d 161.5 Multan

28 March 2004

England 664 170.0 The Oval

09 August 2007

Australia 657/7d 178.0 Eden Gardens

11 March 2001

West Indies 649/9d 149.5 Rajkot

4 Oct 2018

  • 2016: India vs England

This is the highest-ever test cricket score recorded by the Indian cricket team. This game took place in Chennai in 2016. Team India declared their innings after scoring 759 runs with seven wickets down. With 303 runs, Karun Nair was named match winner. This test match was won by India by an innings and 75 runs.

  • 2009: India vs Sri Lanka

The Indian team scored 726 runs with nine wickets down in the 2009 test match against Sri Lanka. At that time, they decided to call the innings. This game was held at Brabourne Cricket Stadium. The game was won by India by an innings and 24 runs. Virendra Sehwag was named player of the match as well as player of the series by scoring 293 runs.

  • 2010: India vs Sri Lanka

This test match ended in a tie because Sri Lanka chose to declare their second innings. India scored 707 runs for the cost of 10 wickets. Sri Lankan Kumar Sangakkara was named the match winner. Sachin Tendulkar was India’s best run-scorer, with 203 runs.

  • 2004: India vs Australia

In the 2004 test match between India and Australia in Sydney, India scored 705 runs while losing seven wickets. This game ended in a tie during India’s visit to Australia. Sachin Tendulkar was the player of the match, with 241 runs. With 619 runs, Rahul Dravid was named series MVP.

  • 2017: India vs Bangladesh

In 2017, India scored 687 runs with six wickets down against Bangladesh. India won the match by 208 runs, and Virat Kohli was named the match’s MVP with 204 runs. During India’s tour of Bangladesh, India set an innings target of 459 runs, but Bangladesh was all out at 250 runs.

  • 1986: India vs Sri Lanka

In 1986, India hosted Sri Lanka at Kanpur for a test match. It was the first test of Sri Lanka’s India tour. Because of the weather, just one inning was played in this game, resulting in a tie. India scored 676 runs with seven wickets lost. Sunil Gavaskar was named the match’s MVP after scoring 176 runs.

  • 2004: India vs Pakistan

In 2004, India faced Pakistan in this match in Multan. India scored 675 runs while losing five wickets. It was the opening match of India’s visit to Pakistan. India triumphed by an inning and 52 runs. With 309 runs, Virendra Sehwag was named match winner. Pakistan only managed 216 runs in the second innings.

  • 2007: India vs England

India scored 664 runs in the third test match of their England trip. This match ended in a tie. Anil Kumble was named player of the match after scoring 110 runs and taking five wickets in both innings. After taking 18 wickets in the test series, Zaheer Khan was named series player.

  • 2001: India vs Australia

In the third test match of their England tour, India scored 664 runs. This match was a tie. After scoring 110 runs and collecting five wickets in both innings, Anil Kumble was awarded player of the match. Zaheer Khan was named series player after taking 18 wickets in the test series.

  • 2018: India vs West Indies

India scored 649 runs with nine wickets lost in the first inning of the first test of the West Indies tour of India. India won by one inning and 272 runs. With 134 runs, Prithvi Shaw was named player of the match. In this innings, three Indian batters scored centuries. This game was held in Rajkot.