Five Players Of CSK With Highest Salary In IPL 2024

In this article, we have mentioned the information related to the best five players of CSK with Highest Salary In IPL 2024. Explore the top earners for the upcoming season.

In IPL 2024, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has some good players who are getting a lot of money. We will see CSK Players With Highest Salary In IPL 2024.

5. Sameer Rizvi

Five Players Of CSK With Highest Salary In IPL
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Sameer Rizvi’s IPL 2024 auction story is amazing. This young batsman from Uttar Pradesh started with a base price of ₹20 lakh but ended up with a huge ₹8.40 crore contract with the Chennai Super Kings (CSK). This makes him one of the highest-paid players for CSK and the most expensive uncapped player in the auction. Before the auction, he impressed everyone in domestic tournaments, especially the UP T20 League where he scored 455 runs in just nine innings including two centuries. During the auction, CSK, Gujarat Titans, and Delhi Capitals got into a bidding war for Rizvi. CSK eventually got him. However, Rizvi will face a lot of pressure due to his high price.

4. MS Dhoni

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MS Dhoni is a cricket legend and in IPL 2024 he is going to earn a big ₹12 crore playing for Chennai Super Kings (CSK). His importance to the team is not just about his skills on the field but it is also because he has an iconic figure and a great leader for CSK. Dhoni has been with CSK since the beginning of the Indian Premier League and led them to win many times, grabbing multiple IPL titles. Even though he may not score as many runs as before, his experience and advice are incredibly valuable for CSK. The ₹12 crore salary is not just about his cricketing abilities but it is also because he represents the CSK brand and leadership. His years of experience and deep understanding of the game keep his value high in the IPL auction.

3. Daryl Mitchell

Players Of CSK With Highest Salary In IPL 2024
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Just before the auction, Daryl Mitchell was wrapping birthday presents for his daughter, and then, out of nowhere Chennai Super Kings (CSK) went all out to get him. They ended up paying a massive ₹14 crore which makes him the second-most expensive New Zealand player in IPL history. This huge amount shows how much CSK values Mitchell. He became a global sensation after his outstanding performance in the 2023 World Cup, scoring over 500 runs with two centuries. His ability to handle different situations, his powerful hitting, and his staying calm under pressure make him a great asset for any team. For CSK, Mitchell is like a smart investment. They needed a strong middle-order batsman, and Mitchell perfectly fits that role. He joins Ruturaj Gaikwad and Moeen Ali to create a really strong batting lineup.

2. Deepak Chahar

Five Players Of CSK With Highest Salary IPL 2024
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Deepak Chahar has become one of the top earners in IPL 2024, landing a substantial ₹14 crore deal with Chennai Super Kings (CSK). This is not just because of his talent but as a reward for his consistent performances and the special qualities he brings to the CSK team. He joined CSK in 2018 and has made a name for himself as a swing bowler, often taking crucial wickets early in the game. His ability to swing the ball and hit the right spots has troubled even the best batsmen in the league, earning him a reputation as a wicket-taker. Apart from his on-field skills, his loyalty to CSK played a big part in getting him this high salary. He faced challenges, especially with a stress fracture sidelining him for a chunk of the 2023 season raising concerns about his fitness. But he made a strong comeback later in the tournament and performed well in domestic cricket, proving he’s still got the talent and potential. His role in CSK’s IPL 2024 journey will be crucial. His ability to take early wickets with his swing and contribute valuable runs lower down the order will be key to the team’s success. 

1. Ravindra Jadeja

Players Of CSK With Highest Salary In IPL 2024
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Ravindra Jadeja is one of the highest-paid players in IPL 2024 who earns a huge ₹16 crore from his team, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK). His skills make him stand out. He is a fantastic left-arm spinner, tricky for batsmen to face with his variations. His batting has improved a lot too which makes him a valuable all-rounder who can bat at any position. He played a crucial role in CSK’s win in the 2023 IPL final. His leadership qualities as CSK’s vice-captain are crucial. Another factor is loyalty. He has been with CSK since 2012 which forms a strong connection with the team. His ₹16 crore puts him among the top earners in IPL 2024. His all-round skills, leadership, and loyalty to CSK make him a key player for the team.


In IPL 2024, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) got some good players with big salaries. MS Dhoni is the leader, Daryl Mitchell is rising fast, and there are also Deepak Chahar, Sameer Rizvi, and Ravindra Jadeja. Each one adds something special. So, we have mentioned CSK Players With Highest Salary In IPL 2024 above.