David Warner teases unveiling details of Sandpaper-Gate in upcoming autobiography

Retired Australia cricketer David Warner hints at intriguing revelations, including insights into the 2018 sandpaper scandal, in his upcoming autobiography.

Australian cricket opener David Warner, who recently retired from Test and ODI cricket, has hinted at intriguing revelations in his upcoming autobiography. While the publication date remains unspecified, Warner teases that the book will provide a deeper insight into his personal journey, including noteworthy incidents like the 2018 sandpaper controversy in Cape Town.

In conversation with Adam Gilchrist and Michael Vaughan on their Prairie Club Fire podcast, Warner expressed that his autobiography won’t focus solely on settling scores or disclosing known facts but aims to portray his life story and upbringing. He hinted at covering various episodes, including the Joe Root saga from 2013, promising an engaging and multifaceted narrative that will surely captivate readers’ attention.

Referring to the 2018 sandpaper-gate incident, Warner emphasized that while it’s a topic under consideration for inclusion, his primary focus remains on the present and the team’s future. He stressed the importance of the Australian cricket team performing well across all formats and highlighted the need for the team’s prosperity as the top priority.


Acknowledging the persisting discussions surrounding the sandpaper incident, Warner indicated that his side of the story might find its way into the book at an appropriate time. He playfully mentioned that the book, initially comprising 1500 pages, has likely expanded to 2000 pages due to new revelations and chapters, hinting at the extensive content readers can anticipate.

However, amidst Warner’s anticipation for the book’s release, former Australia head coach John Buchanan provided a different perspective on Warner’s stature in cricket. While acknowledging Warner’s impressive statistics, Buchanan reserved the “modern-day great” title for those who have achieved exceptional feats beyond performance statistics, citing luminaries like Don Bradman, Glenn McGrath, and Shane Warne as examples.

Buchanan’s viewpoint raises the debate about defining greatness in cricket, contrasting Warner’s notable achievements with the exceptional standards set by a select few in the history of the sport. Warner’s autobiography promises to offer a deeper understanding of his personal journey and experiences, including significant moments that have shaped his career and public perception.