Cricket Trivia: Exploring the Royal Duck and Various Types of Ducks in the Game

Learn about the different varieties of ducks in cricket, from golden ducks to batting hat-trick ducks. Recognize how these dismissals affect the batsman and their team’s performance.

The term “duck” refers to a batsman who is dismissed without making any runs in the sport of cricket. It indicates that the batsman is out on the first ball and does not contribute any runs to his or her team’s total. Ducks come in a variety of forms in cricket, with nine unique categories dependent on the method of dismissal. Let’s take a look at each one:

Golden Duck: A golden duck occurs when a batter is out on the first pitch of an inning. It is regarded as the worst possible start for a batsman because they are dismissed without contributing any runs to the team’s total.

Diamond Duck: A diamond duck occurs when a batsman gets run out without facing a ball. When the non-striking batsman gets dismissed while trying a run, or when the batsman at the non-striker’s end is unable to reach the striker’s end before the wicket is broken, this occurs.

Silver Duck: A silver duck occurs when a batter is dismissed without scoring on the second ball of an inning. It is an early dismissal, similar to a golden duck, and symbolizes a failure on the batsman’s behalf.

Bronze Duck: A bronze duck occurs when a batsman is removed without scoring on the third ball of an inning. It again denotes a hasty dismissal and a lack of contribution to the team’s score.

Pair: A pair is a batsman who is dismissed for a duck in both innings of a two-inning match. It is especially unpleasant for a batter who fails to score in both efforts.

King Pair: A king pair is a type of pair in which the batsman gets dismissed for a golden duck in both innings of a match. It is an incredibly unusual occurrence and is regarded as a major failure by the batsman.

Royal Duck: A royal duck occurs when a batsman is out without facing a ball in both innings of a two-inning contest. This signifies that the batsman is run out or removed in some other way before facing a single delivery.

Laughing Duck: A laughing duck is a batsman who gets removed for zero runs but takes a long time to leave the field, usually due to reluctance or disappointment. It is not an official phrase, however it is occasionally used to characterize a batter who appears angry or hesitant to accept their dismissal.

Batting Hat-trick Duck: In cricket, a batting hat-trick duck occurs when a batsman is dismissed for a duck in three consecutive innings. Only a few players in the game’s history have done so, notably Salman Butt, Shoaib Malik, and Ashton Turner.

In cricket, there are nine different varieties of ducks, each indicating a different method of dismissal without scoring any runs. Ducks are frequently viewed as a letdown by batsmen and can have a big impact on both individual and team performance in a contest.

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