Cricket records: 5 Legendary cricketers with doubtful numbers

There are so many players who are considered to be great players but in some cricket records, they’ve been successful as their names.

There are so many cricket records that many great players hold some of them are respectful and some of them are not but there are some cricketers in the world who have doubtful numbers in their careers but still, they are considered legendary cricketers.

No doubt cricket records don’t matter if a player has done something exceptional for their team such as former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni doesn’t have a single century outside Asia but he is still considered to be a great captain wicketkeeper and finisher, there are also such players who are known for other than numbers. 

In this article, we will talk about those players who’ve played for their country and are very well-known for their cricket careers but there are numbers that don’t do justice to their names. 


Sunil Gavaskar 

One of the greatest players of all time Sunil Gavaskar has played for India in both test and ODI. He has a marvelous career in test where he has played 214 games and scored 10122 runs with 51.12 and 34 tons. He is the first-ever international batter to reach 10000 runs milestone in test cricket. Undoubtedly he is the greatest ever test batter and he has invincible cricket records in Test but his ODI numbers are poles apart from his test numbers. He played 108 ODI games from 1974 to 1987 where he scored just 3092 runs with an average of 35.13. He has only one century in limited-over cricket which came in his second-last game against New Zealand. The greatness this legend holds in himself is totally not acceptable with these numbers in ODI but in tests with any questions, there were no players close to that day.

Rod Marsh

Australian legendary cricketer Rod Marsh is known for his magnificent wicketkeeping skills and his aggressive batting approach. Marsh is one of the greatest cricketers Australia had but his numbers in both formats are not acceptable. He played 96 tests between 1970 to 1984 where he scored 3633 runs with an average of 26.51 and in 92 ODIs he scored just 1225 runs with an average of 20.08. He has only three triple-digit scores in his career which came in the longer format. Despite having disappointing numbers with the bat he was an overachiever with the gloves. He is the fourth most successful wicketkeeper globally in tests with 355 dismissals even after 39 years only three wicketkeepers could manage to surpass him. 

Mark Boucher 

Former South African Cricketer Mark Boucher is the greatest Wicketkeeper of all time with 998 dismissals in international cricket including 532 in test and 403 in ODI which is the highest. Despite having excellent numbers as a Wicketkeeper he has failed himself as a batter in both red and white ball. He has played 147 Tests and 295 ODI between 1997 to 2012 where he scored 5515 and 4686 respectively. In the Test, he scored decently 5 centuries but in ODIs, he only has one century. Mark Boucher is one of the greatest Wicketkeepers of all time but when it comes to bats he didn’t justify his name. 

Micheal Vaughan 

Former English Cricket Micheal Vaughan is one of the most important players for England and he has some good numbers in Test Match but you will be surprised to know that he doesn’t have a single century in a limited format. He has played 86 ODI games between 2001 to 2007 where he only manages to score 1982 runs with a high score of 90 runs. His average in ODI is 27.15 which is unjustified for the kind of player he was at his time. 

Mohammad Kaif 

Former Indian player Mohammad Kaif who is famous for his Feilding standards doesn’t have to justify numbers to his name. He has played 125 ODI games between 2002 and 2006 where he scored just 2753 runs with an average of 32.01 and having two centuries. In tests, he played 16 games between 2002 to 2006 where he scored 624 runs with an average of 32.84 and having one century. He was one of the greatest players of all time for India but it was his Feilding that held him in international cricket for six years.