5 Best Finishing Matches That Shook Cricket History

Explore the five best finishing ODI matches, including the 2019 World Cup final and the 1999 semifinal, showcasing cricket’s drama and unpredictability.

The cricket is renowned all over the world due to its explosive moments enthralling cricket fans worldwide with their exhilarating moments and unexpected results. Cricket matches are fascinating and relaxing because of their dramatic, suspenseful moments and unforgettable comebacks. In this article, we will look at five of the best finishing matches that have influenced cricket history. These games have left an indelible mark on observers by emphasising the drama and unpredictability that make examining One-Day International cricket one of the most fascinating sports in the world, along with showcasing the skill and determination of the players. Recall these amazing instances that have drawn interest from cricket enthusiasts worldwide. 

  • England vs. New Zealand in the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup final:

 An incredible match between England and New Zealand in the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup final resulted in a thrilling super over. The game was tied at 241 runs between the two sides in the allocated overs. Both sides could score the same amount of runs in the super over, resulting in an uncommon tie. Nevertheless, the boundary count rule was used to proclaim England the winner, which sparked discussions controversially. Even though the match ended in controversy, England’s victory was historic because it was their first World Cup title after an exciting and memorable game.


  • 1999 ICC Cricket World Cup Semifinal – Australia vs. South Africa:

 Australia and South Africa’s semifinal match in the 1999 ICC Cricket World Cup is considered a classic. With just one wicket left, Lance Klusener‘s brilliant hitting got South Africa within striking distance when they needed nine runs in the final over to tie the score. But a run-out on the final ball meant a dramatic draw for the match. It is unique in ODI history because of the thrilling conclusion and Klusener’s valiant actions. However, a run-out prevented Klusener from winning. Due to their higher run rate in the Super Six stage, Australia made it to the final.

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  • South Africa vs Australia, 5th ODI at Johannesburg:

 With a wonderful chase in the 2006 ODI Cup final against Australia, South Africa achieved history in cricket by exceeding the target by 434 runs. South Africa overcame all odds, with to a stunning century from Mark Boucher and an outstanding batting performance from Herschelle Gibbs, to win the match with a wicket and one ball remaining. Viewers were left breathless by the match, which formed its status as one of the most unforgettable ODIs ever played. This incredible accomplishment demonstrated South Africa’s tenacity and capacity to do the extraordinary under extreme duress. The match displayed tenacity, resolve, and extraordinary batting talent.

  • England vs. India in the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy Final:

 In the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy final, India was up against England, defending a respectable 129 runs. Despite the modest score, England’s bowlers performed brilliantly, displaying their skill and tenacity. They shut down India’s batting order, limiting them to a mere 124 runs, and won by a mere five runs. This match perfectly captured the spirit of One Day International cricket, where even modest totals can become challenging to pursue, and every run and wicket count considerably in deciding the result. It emphasizes that the sport is erratic, and crucial planning and execution are when things become tight.

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  • 2016 India vs. West Indies ICC World Twenty20 Semifinal:

 The 2016 ICC World Twenty20 semi-final match between West Indies and India took place in Mumbai, and the atmosphere was electrifying as these two formidable cricket teams faced off. India, batting first, amassed a formidable 192/2 total, anchored by the brilliant 89 off 47 balls from Virat Kohli. But Lendl Simmons’ undefeated 82 and the West Indies’ powerful batting lineup managed to chase down the mark with two balls remaining, shocking both the Indian squad and the crowd. With the West Indies’ triumph signifying the unexpected and dynamic character of the game, the match demonstrated the exciting nature of Twenty20 cricket.


These five One-Day International matches enthrall spectators with their extreme energy and surprising turns, perfectly capturing the thrilling spirit of cricket. These matches, whether in the intense heat of a bilateral series decider or on the big platform of a World Cup final, have left a lasting impression on cricket fans worldwide. They remind us of the sport’s continuing attraction by showcasing its unpredictable and thrilling nature. As cricket develops, excitement for more exciting moments and suspenseful endings grows, solidifying cricket’s place as one of the world’s most adored and cherished sports.