Ben Stokes Lauds BCCI and Indian Government for Speedy Visa Solution

Experience the swift resolution of leg-spinner Rehan Ahmed’s visa issue, as praised by England Captain Ben Stokes. Discover how efficient Indian authorities.

England’s cricket captain, Ben Stokes, expressed gratitude on Wednesday as the visa predicament of young leg-spinner Rehan Ahmed was swiftly resolved. Ahmed, a Pakistani-origin spinner, arrived in Rajkot with a single-entry visa, but thanks to prompt paperwork completion a day before the third Test against India, the issue was successfully addressed.

Ben Stokes praised both the Indian government and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for their efficient handling of the matter. “For any individual undergoing such uncertainty is always an anxious period. Thankfully, we received the resolution this morning. A great job by the airport staff for the initial visa clearance and a big thank you to everyone at the BCCI and the government for the prompt visa processing,” he stated in anticipation of the upcoming Test.

Expressing confidence that the visa for Rehan Ahmed would be secured before the game, Stokes added, “We no longer have to worry about those issues. We were very confident that we would get the visa for Rehan before the game started.”

This incident comes after off-spinner Shoaib Bashir faced similar visa challenges, arriving in Hyderabad on the third day of the first Test in the India-England series.