5 Cricket rules that requires some change from ICC

There are some Cricket rules which are not good for cricket and that should be changed for a good cause and here I am point five out of them.

Cricket is evolving in speed we don’t see it as we used to see it 20 years ago. Nowadays cricket is more entertaining and batting-friendly and that how this is game is gaining popularity or we can say it’s losing its real supporters and just being followed by short-term viewers. Cricket has now become a big thing in some major countries like India, Australia, and England and some of the cricket rules are mostly in favour of these countries. Cricket rules sometimes be a blessing for a player and sometimes may end a career. 

Cricket rules keep getting changed and created at regular intervals for the betterment of cricket and the players but some rules are not affecting positively but are not being looked at by ICC for so long. Due to these rules, cricket is suffering. Some rules that are made in cricket don’t follow the spirit of the game such as non-strikers run out and batter’s time out so to fill these gaps ICC tried to make it in favor of cricket for example recently ICC has made another rule that if a bowler takes more than 60 minutes to start a new over and it went for more than three times then the fielding will be fined for five runs. This is an effort of ICC after the controversial timeout wicket of Angelo Mathews in the World Cup to make it fair. Like this there are other rules which need to be looked for by ICC and here are five of them. 

Perks of a free hit for batters


In no ball the bowler has already been fined with one extra run like a wide ball so if wide doesn’t contain a free hit then why does the no ball give the batter a chance to not get out? Free hits are just made for entertainment purposes to gather more audience and nothing else and that has made so many bowlers lose their careers and many teams lose some games that were unexpected. ICC needs to take another look at this rule and try to solve the problem here. ICC can’t put a bowler’s career at risk just for the sake of entertainment and money.

Substitute for all injuries

We’ve seen many times that a concussed player has been replaced by a substitute player but if a player who is suffering from another injury instead of concussions can’t be replaced that team has to go without him. ICC has to understand that other injuries are also as serious as concussion so if a concussion player can be replaced by a substitute then why another injured player can’t be? 

Use of one white ball instead of two

There was a time when white ball cricket was competitive and most of the time bowlers used to overpower batters but soon ICC realized that the audience didn’t want to watch batters scoring lots of runs and then they decided to make this sport more happening for the batters. ICC realized that one ball which is being throughout the inning starts to help bowlers in the middle so they implemented two new ball rules because the new ball is easy to pick by batters it does less spin and less reverse swing. 

This rule was made by ICC for the betterment of cricket in the market but it destroyed the competition in white ball cricket. ICC needs to look out for this rule again and if they want to keep alive ODI cricket then it has to be changed and bring back the two new ball rules. 

Allowing transgenders to play cricket 

Recently after the Canadian incident, ICC has decided to ban transgenders from international cricket which is fair for the safety and integrity of Women’s cricket but ICC should allow Transgenders to play cricket with the team of them like as physically challenged cricket. 

If players who are physically challenged can play cricket in their own way then why can’t transgenders cricket be played internationally. 

Umpires extending the day when it can be wrapped soon

In test cricket sometimes when a team is chasing a low score and they are just close to reaching the target umpire announces the lunch break which exceeds the time and also wastes it. If there are some 5-10 runs needed then umpires should not be allowed to expand the day. ICC should take a look at this and should take action.