10 Strange Cricket Moments That Shocked the World

We revisit the ten most bizarre occurrences in cricket history, from Pollard taping himself to Holding kicking the stumps to Bangladesh not knowing the objective.

People say Cricket is a funny game. It can be a fun game at times. After its creation, the game has seen some amazing moments. There was a point in the game when everything changed. However, there are some strange moments that have never happened in cricket and may never happen again. As the #NZvBAN T20I game was halted due to a run-calculation error in the DLS method, we present 10 Bizarre Moments in Cricket History That Never Happened.

10 Strange Cricket Moments That Shocked the World

#1 Pollard got taped


Pollard Taped Himself
Photo Credit: Twitter/cricsportsgroup

In the 2015 Indian Premier League, Kieron Pollard taped his mouth during a game against RCB. His attempts to get under the skin of fellow West Indian hitter Chris Gayle were not well received by the umpires. After the umpires urged him to keep silent, Pollard taped his mouth and did not say anything to Gayle.

Everyone on the ground was taken aback by the irony. Gayle, on the other hand, was not amused. This is one of cricket’s most bizarre moments.

#2 Bees want to play

Bees want to play: Weird cricket moments
Photo Credit: ESPN

Cricket is a favourite pastime among Indians, as well as among Indian bees. During a Test match between India and England at Delhi’s Ferozshah Kotla stadium, bees attacked the pitch. In order to avoid getting stung, the players, officials, and ground crew heated the ground.

This happened again during South Africa’s 2019 Cricket World Cup match against Sri Lanka in Chester-le-Street in Durham.

#3 Inzi wants to hit him

Inzamam went to hit a fan with a bat: Bizarre Cricket Moments

In general, Inzamam-Ul-Haq is a calm and peaceful person. Even a person like him, on the other hand, lost his calm. In 1997, India and Pakistan faced off in a test match in Toronto, Canada. The game was going well until an irate Inzamam-Ul-Haq stormed into the crowd and hit a fan.

One of the supporters from the audience was ridiculing Inzi with comments like “Aloo”. Inzi lost control after a few minutes and started to beat him. He was stopped, thankfully, by security people. Following the event, the ICC suspended Inzamam for two Tests.

#4 The Score Mistake

The score mishap during t20i match between Nez Zealand and Bangladesh
Image: Twitter

This is the most recent addition to our list of the 10 strangest cricket moments in history. In a Twenty20 International match versus Bangladesh at McLean Park in New Zealand, New Zealand batted first. The first inning was called at 17.5 overs due to rain. The Black Caps led by 173/5. As Bangladesh batted, they had no idea what goal they had to chase.

Because the aim was set to be 170, the game was suspended after 9 balls. Despite the fact that the Bangladesh squad was well aware of the 148-point aim. The goal was trimmed to 171 after 13 overs. The batting squad was unclear about the aim for the first time in cricket history.

The misunderstanding was created by a technical glitch, which prevented the DLS sheet from being given over to the teams.

#5 The South African Heart Break- 1992 World Cup Semi-final

The South African Heart Break- 1992 World Cup Semi-final
Image Courtesy: Cricket.com.au

South Africa has failed to win an ICC title despite having a good team and individual players. At the 1992 World Cup Semi-Finals, they endured yet another sorrow.

They were, however, helpless to interfere this time. It was the DLS approach again again. The DLS approach was utilised to solve the problem when the game could not be completed entirely. Play was halted due to rain, with the Proteas requiring 22 points from 13 balls to go to the final. As play restarted, however, the scoreboard indicated that they need an impossible 22 off 1 ball.

One of the most tragic World Cup moments in history. The Proteas never participated in another World Cup final after that.

#6 Masseur’s Debut in a Test Match

Grant Baldwin, the Australian team masseur and logistics assistant fielded in place of Mithcell Starc
Photo: Getty Images

This isn’t just an odd cricket moment; it’s also a humorous one. After sending additional players to domestic matches, Team Australia was in difficulty.

The stage had been set. It was history’s first day-night test match. Grant Baldwin, the Australian team masseuse and logistics assistant, was at work. Unfortunately, because Mitchell Starc was injured, the squad was obliged to substitute Baldwin.

Baldwin played in the Victoria Second Grade. This might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him to participate in a test match for his nation. It is something that not everyone has achieved.

#7 Holding free kicks the stumps

Holding free kicks the stumps

The West Indies toured New Zealand after winning the series in Australia in 1980. The World Champions anticipated defeating them in three days. Nonetheless, the likes of Richard Hadlee and John Wright made certain that the war went on to the very finish.

On the sixth day, Michael Holding was bowling bullets. A ball from John Parker seemed to have been gloved to the wicketkeeper. Holding was so confident in himself that he rejoiced without even trying. He was astonished, though, to discover that umpire John Hastie remained still after dismissing the appeal.

Holding couldn’t control his rage. He forcefully kicked the batsman’s stumps. The central stump flew away. That amateur shot has become one of the most famous cricket photographs of all time.

Colin Croft even said that Holding’s image qualified him for Manchester United trials.

#8 Eden Gardens and the 1996 World Cup Semi-finals

Eden Gradens were set on fire by crowd: Bizarre moments in cricket history.

Eden Gardens is often considered as one of the most recognisable stadiums in the world. The stage was set for India to meet Sri Lanka in the semi-finals of the 1996 World Cup.

India got off to a rough start in their quest of 252. Sanath Jayasuriya bowled Sachin out with India on 97/1. Sachin’s wicket proved to be the game’s deciding factor, as India lost 7 wickets in 23 runs.

The Eden Gardens audience exploded. As they started tossing bottles, things may have gotten out of hand. In addition, several of them set fire to the seats.

Clive Lloyd, the match referee, put a halt to the game after analysing the situation. The match was given to Sri Lanka as a consequence of the match circumstances, with Vinod Kambli not out after 10 of 29 balls.

Kambli sobbing on the ground is another legendary cricket picture.

#9 Ranatunga walking off to support Muralitharan

Ranatunga walking off to support Muralitharan

One individual was regularly in the headlines during Sri Lanka’s 1999 visit to Australia. Muthaiah Muralitharan, an off-spinner with a peculiar motion, was charged of throwing by umpire Ross Emerson. During their last tour, Emerson had called no-balls against Murali.

As soon as Murali delivered the second ball of the 19th over, Emerson from square leg called no-ball.

Sri Lanka’s captain, Arjuna Ranatunga, seemed upset. Perhaps the game came to a standstill for “12 minutes” as he indicated for his friends to get up. The captain supported the disheartened bowler, who went on to become the greatest spinner of all time.

#10 Harbhajan’s slap to Sreesanth: “Slapgate”

The Slap Gate: Sreesanth crying- Bizarre moments in cricket history
Image: Twitter

The “Slapgate” controversy is one of the most divisive in IPL history. In 2008, Harbhajan Singh captained the Mumbai Indians. Whereas Sreesanth was one of Kings XI Punjab’s most promising young players.

Sreesanth was very forthcoming about his festivities. The goodbyes were always unforgettable. But, Bhajji was not pleased with his teammates’ farewells. As Sreesanth cleaned them out for a magnificent triumph, a furious Harbhajan whacked him down the boundary line.

Despite the fact that there is no footage of the slap, everyone watching the game witnessed both of them cry afterward. As a result of this occurrence, Lalchand Rajpoot, the then-coach of the Mumbai Indians, was dismissed. Despite the fact that Harbhajan eventually apologised and the matter was addressed, it remains one of the most odd events in history.

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